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Diet Green Tea Helps You Loss 2kg Weight

by Gul e Zainab
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Helps you loss 2kg weight

Would you like some diet green tea? Most people prefer to take diet green tea for burning calories. Yeah! I also love green tea and it’s my favorite drink, especially in winter. What’s more, it also helps you to lose weight.

Spending summer holidays in my home, make me overweight Phewo! I gain literally up to 3kg weight in just one month. It is just because of sitting on a couch all day and eating snacks, junk food, etc.

So, I decided to go with the diet of green tea, because I am a foodie person who cannot live on a salad and boiled rice. EWWW! imagine spending your whole on just salad and boiled rice. Do you live easily? Because I cannot live without food.

So, in my blog, I will tell you about diet green tea. Does it help you lose weight instantly? How green tea is healthy for you and much more. Therefore Keep reading this blog.

What is Diet Green Tea?

So, I was telling my friend that I will write about a diet of green tea in my next blog. Therefore, she asks what is diet green tea. Does it work to lose weight? Furthermore, I explain to her about the diet of green tea. For many years, green tea has been promoted as a quick-loss weight aid.

This tea is highly respected in Asia since it is loaded with beneficial chemicals and antioxidants. Green tea has been shown to help in the struggle against breast cancer cells and may even extend your life. Due to these factors, it has spread around the world as the main component of meals and diet plans.

What are the Disadvantages of gaining a Lot of Weight?

Healthy weight maintenance is difficult and body fat growth is simple due to unhealthy foods and busy lifestyles. You should avoid gaining a lot of weight. It may result in excessive cholesterol and unstable blood sugar levels. Serious disorders like heart disease and diabetes can develop from these symptoms. Fortunately, there are several ways to lose belly fat, including drinking green tea.

We Understand What You’re Thinking: a Green Tea-Only Diet?

Well, not. The green tea diet adds this healthy drink into an existing eating routine to improve weight loss. We’ll explain the Green Tea Diet to you and the advantages of using this drink for weight reduction.

More Information About Diet Green Tea

The Caroline china tea plant’s leaves are used to make green tea. Along with black, white, and Chinese teas, green tea is considered real tea. Green tea is one of the minimally processed types of tea and has high levels of the chemical compounds and antioxidants present in tea leaves.

This diet asks for drinking green tea often throughout the day. Green tea’s components are thought to help limit the absorption of fat, which might help prevent weight gain. Green tea increases metabolism, which enhances the body’s natural fat-burning processes and aids in weight loss.

The Eat This, Not That! weight reduction and nutrition specialists and Med-Health were the ones who initially made the green tea diet well-known. The 17-day diet is advised by the diet’s authors. However, you won’t have any unfavorable side effects if you continue drinking green tea consistently following the diet. In fact, the majority of Chinese people sip this tea daily for the duration of their lives.

When to Take Diet Green Tea?

Essentially, the green tea diet is drinking 4 cups of green tea daily. You must have a cup of green tea first thing in the morning and then just before each meal if you follow the straightforward two-step diet. You may potentially eat anything from ice cream and red wine to spaghetti and beef because the diet doesn’t limit your dietary options.

Remember that a balanced diet and regular exercise will yield the best benefits from your diet. For optimal effects, green tea should be used as a complement to a reliable weight loss plan. Here below I share some points on when to take green tea

Before Every Meal, Sip Green Tea

Right before you have breakfast, you have your second cup of green tea. Before a meal, having a cup of tea might help you feel more satisfied. The idea behind this is that you’ll eat fewer calories if your stomach is full of green tea. Green tea also has chemical constituents that indicate when fat reserves need to be converted to energy.

Before each meal, drink a cup to speed up digestion and enhance fat burning. More than four glasses of green tea per day are not prohibited by the diet. You can skip the afternoon snack and opt for a cup of nutritious food. Experts advise limiting your daily intake of green tea to 5 to 6 cups.

Green Tea is a Great Way to Start the Day

You will begin each day on the green tea diet by consuming an 8-ounce cup of green tea. You may choose whether to brew it hot or cold. Mild quantities of caffeine found in green tea might aid in waking you up and getting you ready for the day. Your immune system will be boosted by antioxidants and vitamins, which will also keep you healthy.

Benefits of Drinking Diet Green Tea for Weight Loss

How effective is the green tea diet? Green tea catechins, caffeine, and antioxidants, according to experts, are responsible for the weight reduction advantages of green tea and green tea extract. All of these substances, according to research, help burn belly fat and cleanse the body of dangerous chemicals that raise the risk of illnesses linked to obesity.

Caffeine in Diet Green Tea

A stimulant that occurs naturally, caffeine, can boost energy and quicken weight reduction. Caffeine stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter adenosine, which awakens you in the morning (5). Caffeine aids in the production of more dopamine and norepinephrine—happy neurotransmitters that boost energy and alertness—by inhibiting this molecule. Additionally, caffeine directly affects muscles to lessen symptoms of weariness.

When you’re feeling tired, caffeine might also help you feel more energized. Caffeine can give you the motivation you need to get through a workout and may even improve your performance. The effects of caffeine on exercise were examined in 21 research as part of a meta-analysis that was published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports.

Caffeine, according to research, reduces perceived exertion by 29%. This implies that exercising exercise makes you feel less worn out or exhausted. The effects of caffeine on exercise energy were also the subject of another meta-analysis that was published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

Researchers examined 40 double-blind trials and discovered that coffee increased the effectiveness of exercise by 12.3%. For endurance sports like running, caffeine has been demonstrated to be very beneficial. Green tea might assist you to have more energy and stamina so you can complete your weight-reduction plan exercises.

Gets Rid of Free Radicals

Diet Green tea helps the body cleanse, which is one of the reasons it is such a potent health supplement. Atoms or molecules with unpaired electrons will know as free radicals. Because of this, these substances are very reactive chemically. Together with damaged cells, free radicals can have a disastrous effect on one’s health.

Free radicals will link to early aging, certain cancers, weight gain, and heart disease. Free radicals harm the body by accelerating oxidation, which is rust in the body’s form. Green tea has compounds that aid in removing these free radicals to enhance health and quicken weight reduction.

By getting rid of pollutants, drinking green tea also lowers the risk of oxidation. An analysis of diet green tea’s effects on oxidative stress will publish in the European Journal of Nutrition. 16 college-level sprinters will examine over the course of 4 weeks in the study. The subjects will split into two groups and will give either a green tea extract placebo.

The athletes who took green tea supplements showed much lower levels of oxidative stress at the end of the research. Weight increase will link to oxidative stress. Green tea helps lessen weight gain by lowering oxidation.

Tea Catechins: Their Function

Green tea causes chemical changes in the body that enhance fat-burning mechanisms. Epigallocatechin gallate will also know as EGCG, is the most prevalent catechin found in green tea. A research that will write in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked into EGCG’s effects on energy and weight reduction.

Before each meal, the subjects received a green tea extract. The findings revealed that those who consumed green tea extract burnt an additional 80 calories daily on average than the control groups (1). EGCG accelerates metabolism and streamlines fat burning.

According to research in the journal Physiology and Behavior, green tea catechins enhance fat oxidation, the procedure your body employs to burn off stored fat. It will also demonstrate that green tea catechins boost liver function, metabolic rates, and energy levels.

Green tea increases body temperature, which in turn accelerates metabolism. In order to produce more energy, this tells the digestive system burns fat more quickly. Catecholamines, which are cellular fatty acids, will release in response to green tea. These substances stop the development of enzymes that slow the synthesis of fatty acids. Consuming green tea promotes the conversion of these fat cells into energy.

Is it Good for Weight Loss?

Numerous studies will suggest that green tea may aid in boosting metabolism and fat burning. However, certain ethnic groups appear to benefit from these effects more than others. According to research, Caucasians tend to have worse outcomes than persons of Asian heritage.

By consuming a lot of caffeine, the effects of green tea on weight reduction can be reduce. You’ll need to limit your coffee intake for this diet to be successful. Throughout the day, try switching out one or two cups of coffee for green tea. If you usually drink a lot of coffee, it could take some time to become used to this.

In order to prevent the benefits of green tea can be diminish, researchers advise eating no more than 300 milligrams of caffeine daily. Green tea drinking by itself won’t seriously impact weight reduction. A balanced diet and exercise routine should be part of any weight loss system that works. Green tea intake is thought to support weight loss goals rather than being the m and end-all.

Diet Green Tea for Weight Loss Side Effects

Relatively speaking to other weight reduction supplements, drinking green tea has quite a few adverse effects. Only when excessive amounts—more than 6 cups per day—can ingest do the majority of adverse effects emerge. The following should be notice when drinking green tea.

Pain in the Stomach

For some people, regular green tea intake might upset their stomachs. When people also take in coffee, this negative effect constantly gets greater. If you are on the green tea diet, try to drink less coffee than usual. If it reduces discomfort, you can also drink green tea after or during a meal rather than before.

Drinking a Lot of Caffeine

Some people may become allergic to diet green tea’s small quantities of caffeine because it does contain that ingredient. For some people, drinking green tea right before bed or right after dinner might cause disturbed sleep or sleeplessness. If possible, sip your final cup of green tea right before dinner. To ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, try to have dinner prepare at least two or three hours before your usual bedtime.


Due to its diuretic properties, green tea can cause dehydration if drank in high quantities. To prevent this side effect, be sure to drink an equal amount of water throughout the day.

What About Lipton Green Tea Diet Plan?

Lipton Diet Green Tea mixes lime zest with the flavor and health advantages of green tea. It contains no calories and offers 210 percent of your daily vitamin C needs. Lipton lemon iced tea is cool and easy to drink. It comes in a handy 12-count pack with bottles that are 16.9 fl oz in size. Try an even more delectable diet tastes like lemon and peach (sold separately). They work well for travel, work, school, and other places.

What are the Ingredients in Diet Green Tea?

Here is the list of the ingredients in diet green tea which are very important for us.


What are the Nutrition Facts of the Diet Green Tea?

The Nutrition Facts of the diet green tea are as follows:

Per bottle, there are no calories, no sat fat, 180 mg of salt, and no total sugars. 12 fl oz. of antioxidant vitamin C with 100% daily value. 22 mg of caffeine is present in 16.9 fl oz. 0 calories.


Here is my blog, I discuss about all the information about the diet of green tea. I tell you what is Green tea and how it can help you lose weight quickly. furthermore when to take diet green tea. Moreover, What are the ingredients in diet green tea and the side effects of diet green tea? What’s more also, discuss Lipton green tea and the nutrition facts of diet green tea. Let me know in the comment Do you ever take green tea for weight loss? Plus rate this blog if you like reading it and sharing it with your friends.

You can also a website to know about the healthy food diet

What are the nutrition facts of the diet Lipton Green tea citrus

Lipton® Diet Iced Green Tea with Citrus has 0 mg of cholesterol, 0 mg of sodium, and 0 g of protein.
Calcium0mg0% \sIron0mg0%
Vitamin D is 0% and vitamin C is 90%

What are the nutrition facts of the 1 cup of green tea?

1 cup of green tea contains 2.5 calories. *
0% total fat, 0g
Fat Saturated 0g 0%
0g of polyunsaturated fat
0 g of monounsaturated fat.
0% cholesterol at 0 mg
2.5 mg sodium, 0%

How many calories are in the citrus Lipton green tea?

Green tea with citrus is a delightful beverage that combines smooth, sweet green tea with the tang of citrus. Each serving of this delicious beverage has just 120 calories, 125 mg of sodium, and 0 grams of fat.

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