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English Breakfast Tea Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
English Breakfast Tea - Recipe

English breakfast tea is perhaps the most famous tea on the planet and it tends to be prepared hot or cold. Get bit-by-bit headings on the most proficient method to make this dark tea appropriately, from a guaranteed Tea Sommelier.

What is English Breakfast Tea?

What is English Breakfast Tea?

English breakfast tea is a mix typically comprised of 2-3 different dark teas. The mix of teas in an English tea can fluctuate yet it’s customarily made utilizing any mix of Assam, Ceylon, Keemun, or Kenyan dark tea. English tea with Keemun is typically more costly.

This tea is explicitly made to be had with milk and sugar. It’s intense, full-bodied, major areas of strength for and. There’s caffeine in breakfast tea.

The most well-known story of the beginning of English tea is that it was made by Scottish tea trader Robert Drysdale in the late nineteenth 100 years in America. Robert needed a more reasonable tea choice and made his own utilizing a mix of modest dark teas.

English breakfast isn’t the main breakfast tea yet it’s certainly the most famous. There’s Irish breakfast tea which involves more Assam in the mix and Scottish tea, which is more grounded than breakfast to neutralize the delicate water in Scotland.

English Breakfast Tea Fixing Notes

English Breakfast Tea

Free breakfast tea is my go-to rather than tea sachets or tea packs since it’s better quality and it’s not difficult to change how much tea per cup.


I generally utilize sifted water for making tea rather than tap since the tea tastes better with greater water.

Milk and Sugar

English tea is intended to be had with milk and sugar despite the fact that it very well may be served without all things considered.

Moves Toward Make Hot English Breakfast Tea

Moves Toward Make Hot English Breakfast Tea

Bubble Water

Utilizing an electric pot with temperature settings to bubble water for tea makes it simple to get the water temperature spot on. Bubble more than required since you believe that extra should heat up the tea kettle.

Warm-up The Tea Kettle

Empty some high temp water into the tea kettle and twirl it around a little. 

Dispose of The water

Put breakfast tea into the tea kettle and add boiling water. Cover the tea kettle and steep.

Strain breakfast leaves and empty hot tea into a teacup.


Add milk and sugar.

Moves Toward Make Iced English Breakfast Tea

I’ve found that cool prepared tea makes for the best-iced tea so I make all my chilled teas along these lines — and you ought to as well! Cold fermenting makes a much mellower and smoother cup of chilled tea.

Put English tea and water in a pitcher or glass compartment. Cover and spot in cooler to cold mix.

Utilize cool or room temperature sifted water.

Strain English tea leaves and empty tea into a cup.

Cold blended tea is now chilled so adding ice really depends on you. Discretionary: Add basic syrup and milk.

Master Tips

Master Tips

Straightforward syrup (half water, half sugar) is the least demanding method for improving chilled tea since it’ll blend into the virus drink without any problem.

Since various English breakfast teas utilize somewhat various mixes, test a couple to find one you like best.

Continuously start with new separated water in the pot, since reboiling water changes the mineral arrangement of the water and influences the kind of tea.

English tea can be blended and put away in the cooler for as long as 4 days. Keep it covered or sealed shut glass holder or pitcher.

Free tea and tea sachets ought to be put away in an impermeable compartment away from light, scents, moistness, and intensity.


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What does English breakfast tea have an aftertaste like?

English breakfast tea is full-bodied and vigorous with a somewhat sweet note. It ought to be solid without tasting harsh and intense enough to hold its flavor even subsequent to adding milk and sugar.

Is there caffeine?

Indeed, there is caffeine in English breakfast tea since all dark teas have caffeine.
I don’t have free tea, what number of tea sachets or tea sacks might I at any point use all things considered?
Utilize 1 tea sachet (which contains around 1.5 teaspoons of tea) or 1 tea pack (which contains 1 teaspoon of tea).

What’s the distinction between free tea, tea sachets, and tea packs?

Free tea is the best of the three since they’re for the most part entire tea leaves. Next in quality is English breakfast in tea sachets which are a blend of entire and broken tea leaves. Tea packs are the most minimal in quality since the tea leaves are simply smidgens and tea dust.

Is English breakfast tea genuine tea?

Indeed, English breakfast tea is a genuine tea. For a tea to be a genuine or unadulterated tea, it needs to come from the camellia Sinensis plant. Since English breakfast is a mix of dark teas, it is a genuine tea.

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