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Forget Rice Krispies: Puffed Quinoa Treats Are the New Classic

by Gul e Zainab
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Forget Rice Krispies: Puffed Quinoa Treats Are the New Classic

So, I was talking with my best friend, one of my closest friends on the roof of my house. While gossiping she asked me ” Hey! Have you listened of the new dish that’s been buzzing all over the world “Puffed Quinoa”

Therefore, She started telling me about the benefits of this “Puffed Quinoa” and everyone are mad about this dish (The taste and flavor of this detectable dish Yumms!) she added.

I am not going to lie, I was getting HELLLAAA!!! listening to her about the Puffed Quinoa (I start imaging and thinking about the dish’s taste in my mind) So I said to her: I’m feeling starving Yo! We have to GOTTTA cook it Righ Now!!!!!

Okay okay! The hurry in your tone saying it all Buddy! 🙂 she said to me with a smiling face. So, we quickly go down to our kitchen. However, what do you think? Are you also feeling starving and jumping to our page? Are You?

Yikes!! Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get a move I’m already hungry & need that puffed quinoa in my belly Right Now 😉

Hanger Strikes: The Search for Puffed Quinoa Ingredients Begins

Finally! We come into our kitchen and start picking up the Puffed quinoa ingredients My stomach’s growling like crazy we gotta find something ASAP!

So, for this, You only need Quinoa seeds of any color and water

Let me tell you something important about this recipe

Bingo! Do you only need to apply heat and pressure to your quinoa seeds to make them Understand? Easily can be made with a puffed quinoa machine See! How easy and quickly you can make Puffed Quinoa 🙂 Quinoa Oatmeal: Start Your Day Right With

Easy DIY Puffed Quinoa: A Beginner’s Guide to Making Delicious and Nutritious Puffed Quinoa at Home

Check the video for the puffed quinoa.

Yes! I’ll tell you the step-by-step process to make the puffed quinoa easily at home.

First, you have to wash the quinoa in a mesh strainer In case there is present any dirt So, wash it properly

Add water to a pot and boil the quinoa for 15 minutes or until they get soft (Are you getting my point?)

What’s next? Quickly take the baking sheet with parchment paper Got it? to dry the quinoa (Just remove any kind of water present in it)

Woo-hoo! Then again 🙂 Puff the quinoa in the puffed machine (But if in any case, you do not have any machine then you can toast them until they look like popcorn!)

That’s it! Cool them in a baking tray and Yeah! Ready to eat

Easy DIY Puffed Quinoa: A Beginner's Guide to Making Delicious and Nutritious Puffed Quinoa at Home

Pro Tip:

Furthermore, You can store them for many weeks in an air-tight container and place them in a cool place.

Final Thoughts

Let’s Recap: Well, I will tell you here Long story short, On our lazy afternoon, I was sitting with my friend and feeling so hungry so I said to my friend Dude I’m dying of hunger right now! She suggested cooking the puffed quinoa, At first, I thought it might take a very long time.


Therefore, Without wasting our time, we quickly garb the quinoa and boil them and then make them in 10 minutes. Also, If you also want to know about the quick recipe for the puffed quinoa. You can check my whole blog.

Believe me! The fragrance of puffed quinoa spread all around our kitchen. I can’t tell you how my friend saves our time and save me from dying of hunger too LOL!

However, Why are still sitting on your couch and waiting for a miracle? Just Go and make a move. Plus let me know your thought in the comment below.

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Is Quinoa Puffed Healthy?

Quinoa’s fiber content is advantageous to digestive health. Quinoa puffs have roughly double the fiber content of nearly all other grains. Iron-rich foods: Quinoa puffs are high in iron, which is required for the transport of oxygen-rich red blood cells throughout the body.

What Exactly is the Distinction Between Quinoa & Puffed Quinoa?

Heat and agitate uncooked quinoa until it bursts, changing each seed into a light, crispy bite.

Is it Safe to Eat Quinoa Every Day?

According to a Harvard Public School of Health Research, eating a bowl of quinoa every day may lower the risk of premature mortality from cancer, heart disease, respiratory disorders, diabetes, and other chronic diseases by 17%.

Why Should You Eat Quinoa Instead of Rice?

Quinoa has fewer total carbohydrates and a lower glycemic index than both brown and white rice, making it ideal for anyone dealing with high blood sugar, high blood pressure, or weight reduction. This implies that the starch sugars are broken down and absorbed at a slower pace, resulting in less fat storage.

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