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Get Thrilled To Know This 2-Way Chocolate Almond Candy Recipes

by Asia Shaukat
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Howdy Foodies! Have you ever tried in your childhood homemade almond candies? If yes, then do you know the chocolate almond candy? It is nostalgic, especially for me, as It was my favorite candy in childhood. My mother used to make my chocolate almond candy in different ways. I loved to eat those healthy homemade candies.

Now that I have grown up, why not today’s generation enjoy these amazing candies with me? That’s why I asked my mother to share their recipe for the chocolate almond candy. So, guys, it is a golden chance for you to keep reading this blog and get an amazing 2-way chocolate almond candy recipe in your hand. Let’s dive in

About Almond Chocolate

Do you know about almonds? Hey! Almond is a nut that has essential nutrients. It is necessary for your health as the amount of fat your body needs. Moreover, it also gives your brain power and energy for many purposes. Furthermore, almonds have many benefits, even if you can’t estimate them.

If I talk about chocolate so it is more familiar around us as everyone loves to eat it, it doesn’t matter your age. It is almost fav of all ages. Also, it is used as a present to give someone. But have you done its deep analysis? It might not be. Chocolate has some benefits also like it can boost your mind when you study.

You can have it, and suddenly you feel fresh, and your mind runs faster .. haha not too faster, but as compared to earlier, clumsiness could go away because of the chocolate. But remember that everything you have should be limited because overconsumption of everything could harm you.

almond candy recipe

Further, combining these two amazing ingredients in the form of candy will ultimately give you more amazing benefits. In this blog, you will learn two ways to chocolate almond candy, for instance, with milk chocolate, and with white chocolate.

Almond In Pack | Almond Candy Recipe

If you want to explore more amount chocolate and almond, then you can go through these The Best Hershey Dark Chocolate With Almonds, The Best Costco Chocolate Covered Almonds, and The Best Almond Bark Recipe For Easy And Delicious Snacking.

Milky or Dark Chocolate Almond Candy Cluster

Almond clusters are the perfect last nanosecond treat to make this week! 3 constituents and 10 twinkles of time are each you need to make this easy delicacy form for the leaves! It’s a great food gift idea.

Why You’ll Love This Form?

These EASY Almond Clusters have only 3 constituents. Sure, the sprinkles make it 4 constituents, but they’re voluntary. Either way, did I mention they’re easy? They take less than 10 twinkles of fix time and taste way better than anything you’d get in the delicacy aisle.

Constituents in Chocolate Almond Clusters

Three constituents are each you need to make a manual occasion delicacy. I’m not joking about how easy these are,

Chocolate chips – Use your favorite brand, baking chocolate, or melting chocolate ( like almond dinghy). Milk chocolate works, and so does semi-sweet chocolate

Vegetable oil painting – I frequently have trouble melting chocolate chips, especially during downtime. They get too hot, or they’re old, and they seize while incinerating. I always add oil painting or shortening to them before heating, which helps the chocolate melt easily

Almonds – You can use raw almonds, roasted almonds, or interspersed anything you like

How to make Chocolate Covered Almond Clusters

Melt chocolate in 30 alternate supplements in the microwave oven, stirring between each. Stir in the almonds once it has melted.

Place the delicacy in mini muffin kissers. I use cupcake liners for easy junking. You can place the muffin liners at a baking distance rather than doing this in a muffin visage.

There are 10 twinkles between you and manual almond clusters for the leaves. What are you staying for??

Recipe of Chocolate almond candy | Almond Candy Recipe


  • 1 mug of chocolate chips milk, dark,semi-sweet, or a combination
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil painting
  • 1 mug of Blue Diamond Almonds
  • Sprinkles voluntary

Instructions | Almond Candy Recipe

  • Line a mini muffin visage with mini muffin liners.
  • Place chocolate chips and vegetable oil painting in a medium microwave oven-safe coliseum. Heat on high power in 30 alternate supplements, stirring between each, until the chocolate is melted and smooth(about 11/2 to 2 twinkles). Stir in almonds
  • Scoop clusters of almonds into each mini muffin liner. Sprinkle with sprinkles if asked. Chill until set
  • Serve or package with or without the muffin liner! Store in a watertight vessel for over 1 week( longer if you chill them)

Milky or Dark Chocolate Variety For Your Ease

White Chocolate Almond Candy Cluster In Crock Pot

Although candy is a great treat that can also give as a gift to someone, earlier, I elaborated on the milk or dark chocolate almond candy. But wait – there is more to know. Would you like to enjoy this almond candy treat with white chocolate? Yay! It will be great news for you; I am also excited about it.

About White Chocolate | Almond Candy Recipe

According to the FDA, white chocolate contains 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk solids, 3.5 milk fat, and n0 more the 55% of sugar. There is more, but for now, it’s enough.

Recipe of White Chocolate Almond Candy

Ingredients | Almond Candy Recipe

  • 1 Pound almond
  • 11oz white chip
  • 4 oz white chocolate bar
  • 10 oz vanilla almond bark

Instructions | Almond Candy Recipe

  • Select the “Chocolate” you’ll be utilizing. The suggested ingredients are one bag of Ghirardelli chips weighing 11 oz, one bar of white baking chocolate weighing 4 oz, and 10 oz of white almond bark
  • PAM should be liberally applied to a full-size crock pot
  • One pound of almonds should be added to the slow cooker, followed by all the “chocolate.”
  • Cook the chocolate on low, covered, until it melts enough to combine
  • The average crock pot should take about 2 hours, but some may be hotter and have a hotter area. Check and stir after 60 and 90 minutes
  • You’re done when it melts and fully combines
  • Mix thoroughly, then spoon onto parchment paper
  • The serving size is approximately one tablespoon or one generous kitchen teaspoon. To scoop and push the food onto the parchment, I like to use two spoons
  • Make them slightly smaller, using 3–4 almonds per serving, and stir the crock pot occasionally while spooning. 30 minutes should be given for cooling

Pro Tips | Almond Candy Recipe

  • One and a half pounds of “chocolate” should be used for every pound of nuts. White chips, baking bars, or white almond bark/candy melts can all be used as a chocolate
  • Do not cook on high. The chocolate can be burned if the temperature is raised too quickly
  • You need high-quality ingredients because the coating is this recipe’s main selling point
  • I used Ghirardelli, which is a premium brand
  • Consider combining almond bark with different candy “melts” as a substitute
  • The typical cooking time for a crock pot is two hours, but some models may be a little hotter or have hotter spots. Stir and reevaluate after 60 and 90 minutes. You are done once it has melted and blended thoroughly. Chocolate will become scorched if it is overcooked
  • As you spoon out the clusters, I advise getting about 4 almonds from each
  • They are extremely wealthy, and I believe that size will appeal to most people
  • Despite having some larger pieces, I got at least 80 pieces. In my opinion, you’ll be closer to 100 if you stick to the 4 almond per piece range
  • A simple recipe that can be doubled or cut in half
  • In an airtight container, store. Good for several weeks if kept chilled
  • If freezing is necessary to extend storage, I do not advise it because it can harm chocolate

For Recipe Sizing Adjustments:

The servings section of this recipe card allows you to change the quantity. This does the math for you regarding the ingredients. But it DOES NOT change the instructions’ text. Therefore, you must carry out that task yourself.

White Chocolate At Your Reach


Why do almonds go well with chocolates?

Because they have the perfect combination of compound Flavor and texture.

How chocolate covered almonds so smooth?

Chocolate, as all know, has a silky texture and combines easily with how it covers almonds smoothly. Also, the process of covering almonds with chocolate is known as hand panning.

Can we freeze chocolate-covered almonds?

For a few months, you can conveniently freeze chocolate-covered almonds in an airtight jar.


Yipee! This treat is finally complete. Above all, it is an amazing candy recipe you can easily make at home. Kids mostly love it, as I was also a fan of this. This is my mother’s recipe. I have shared this with you; I have also enjoyed my childhood. Now is your turn; mummies make t for your kids and make their childhood also memorable as mine.

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