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Turkish Tea Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Turkish Tea Recipe

Might you at any point envision an exemplary Turkish breakfast without a huge tea kettle on the side? Tea and Turkish-style bagel called simit to make the best breakfast couple! I pair Turkish tea with a few different food sources. Turkish Baklava, Turkish Borek, Turkish Pogaca, and mercimek koftes (lentil balls) are simply to name some.

What is Turkish Tea?

What is Turkish Tea?

Turkish tea is dark tea present using Camellia sinensis. It is in a double tea kettle and serve in tulip little glasses make of exceptionally slender glass.

The generally more modest upper piece of the double tea kettle has the tea leaves and heated water, and it is where fermenting is finished, while the lower part has bubbling water to keep the tea hot. This bubbling water also changes the strength of the tea while serving.

Turkish tea is “çay” (articulate chai) in Turkish. The words for tea also utilized in various dialects today all originate from three unique words utilized in the local district of Camellia sinensis. These unique words are “cha” in Cantonese, “the” in Malay, and “chai” in Focal Asian dialects and Persian.

As they got to know tea, different countries also gave it names like one in the area they were in touch with. In this way, the Focal Asian and Persian words for tea also turned into the approach to naming the tea.


7 cups water
5 tablespoons dark tea leaves

The Most Effective Method to Make Turkish Tea in a Turkish Tea Kettle

The Most Effective Method to Make Turkish Tea in a Turkish Tea Kettle

There are two bits of our customary tea kettle. As you find in the photos here, one little and one bigger. The little one is set to the big one. It is actually so natural to brew when you follow these means:

Pour ¼ cup of water into the little tea kettle. Include tea leaves (5 tablespoons for 6 individuals) and cover with its top.

Fill the huge tea kettle with water. Set up them (the little one over the bigger one) in the oven over medium-high intensity. Carry it to bubble.

Lessen the intensity and let it stew for around 5 minutes with the goal that the intensity arrives at the tea leaves in the little tea kettle.

Move the greater part of the water in the enormous tea kettle into the little tea kettle. Fill the enormous ones with extra water and set them back in the oven. Again the little tea kettle over the huge tea kettle. Carry the water to bubble first and lessen the intensity to the minimum and allowed it to stew for 10-15 minutes.

The tea will also blend as the tea leaves will sink toward this time’s end. Then you can either leave the tea kettle set in the oven over the most minimal intensity so the tea keeps hot or eliminate from intensity, serve and warm when required.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Serve Turkish Tea

Step-by-Step Instructions to Serve Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is also served in little tulip-formed glasses of exceptionally flimsy glass. At the point when the tea is prepared, some tea from the upper tea kettle has filled the glass, and afterward, some bubbling water from the lower tea kettle is added to it to top the glass off to the edge.

The proportion of tea and water totally relies upon individual inclination yet you can also begin with a fifty proportion to track down your taste. You also ought to add more tea to have a more grounded tea and more water for a lighter taste.

Turkish tea can also serve in Chinese or European-style porcelain tea cups with handles. Nonetheless, this isn’t normal and many individuals lean toward having their tea in exemplary Turkish tea glasses.

This is most likely on the grounds that to see the shade of tea and to have the sensation of a slim glass on the lips while drinking it are likewise important for the joy taken from Turkish tea.

Predominantly, sugar is the main extra taste including Turkish tea. It is also by the consumer so it is a custom to put a sugar bowl on the plate you serve tea. Notwithstanding, there is something else and more individuals staying away from the utilization of sugar in tea these days.

Certain individuals may likewise really like to add tiny lemon pieces, or fit a few drops of lemon juice into their tea however this is more uncommon. Furthermore, to a lot lesser degree, certain individuals might add a piece of clove to their tea.

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Sugar0 g
Sodium11.8 mg
Fat0 g
Protein0 g
Sugars0.1 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Might I at any point make Turkish tea without a double tea kettle?

Indeed and negative. It is yes since you can utilize different pots or containers that can be piled up on top of one another in your kitchen to make Turkish tea.
Yet, it is likewise no on the grounds that you must have a double framework regardless since its soaking ought to be over bubbling water, not losing or acquiring heat. On the off chance that you steep dark tea in a solitary tea kettle, it will be English tea.

What is the distinction between Turkish and English tea?

Despite the fact that both Turkish tea and English tea are dark tea blended by soaking, they have a few distinctions too. As a matter of some importance, their preparation techniques are somewhat unique.
Turkish tea is blended in a double tea kettle which has bubbling water under the tea kettle where soaking is made though English tea is for the most part fermented in a solitary tea kettle. Thus, Turkish tea saves its intensity during soaking while English tea loses its intensity, which influences the last flavor and strength of the tea.
Also, Turkish tea is served in tulip-molded little glasses without handles, generally with sugar and lemon. Notwithstanding, English tea is served in porcelain teacups with handles having milk, sugar, and lemon close by. Milk is never added to Turkish tea.
Since English tea loses heat during fermenting, it is sufficiently cold to promptly drink when filled with teacups. Turkish tea, then again, saves its intensity during preparation so it is exceptionally hot when served the consumer needs to sit tight for quite a while prior to drinking it to try not to consume their tongue and their lips.

Is Turkish tea great for well-being?

Indeed. Turkish tea is dark tea so it incorporates all the medical advantages that dark tea can offer. It helps decline the gamble of disease and diminish destructive cells on account of its flavonoids and theaflavins content. It likewise safeguards cells from DNA harm because of its polyphenols content.
The caffeine level of dark tea is lower than espresso so it gives a more adjusted sharpness support. Caffeine likewise facilitates migraines and advances psychological wellness.

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