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Cinnamon Tea Recipe With Cinnamon Bark

by Khadija Tahir
Cinnamon Tea Recipe with Cinnamon Bark

In today’s blog post, I will impart to you all about cinnamon tea. Cinnamon Tea is a warm and mitigating drink made with just 3 fixings. You just need water, cinnamon bark, and sugar or honey to partake in this exemplary beverage!

Cinnamon Tea Recipe Starting Points

Cinnamon Tea Recipe Starting Points

Armenia was one of the principal nations that I cooked from around the world. So back in 2018, when I previously distributed this post, I initially had gotten the recipe from The Total Center Eastern Cookbook by Tess Mallos.

While I presently have a couple of additional recipes on my site that better address Armenia, including Vermicelli Rice and Matiabour (Tortellini) Soup, this Cinnamon Tea has stayed a #1 of mine too. I can hardly sit tight for you to attempt it!

Why Make This Cinnamon Tea?

No Stressing

No stressing expected with this tea! The cinnamon sticks are not difficult to eliminate, yet you can likewise serve them up solidly in your glass! (You might need to strain on the off chance that any little pieces tumble off of your cinnamon bark, however, this generally doesn’t occur to me).

Storage Room Staples

You in all probability as of now have cinnamon sticks in your home, so you can get this tea ready any time.

Liberal Yet Solid

The flavor of cinnamon as of now helps me to remember dessert, so when I add a touch of honey to this drink it feels liberal yet is quite solid.

What is it That I Want to Make This Cinnamon Tea?

What is it That I Want to Make This Cinnamon Tea?


WaterI add the heated water to the pot so it reaches boiling point quicker.
Cinnamon SticksSee underneath for more data.
SugarThe sugar isn’t a need, yet you can add it to your single cup in the event that you might want to. Granulated white sugar or neighborhood honey are two incredible choices.

What Kind of Cinnamon Would it be Advisable For me to Utilize?

There are 2 various types of cinnamon to browse:

Cassia Cinnamon

Practically all cinnamon found in general stores is of the Cassia assortment. This assortment of cinnamon began in China and has since turned into the most generally utilized assortment of cinnamon. It is modest and has a dim brown-red tone, which prompts the perfect golden shade of this beverage!

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon starts in Sri Lanka and portions of India. The surface is undeniably milder than Cassia cinnamon, and it is undeniably more costly.



Cassia cinnamon can be harmful whenever eaten excessively. It contains perceptible measures of Coumarin, which is poisonous in huge portions.

As a matter of fact, even 1-2 teaspoons every day of Cassia cinnamon can cause an excess, prompting liver damage or hazard of malignant growth.

In the event that you will consume this cinnamon tea much of the time, think about utilizing Ceylon cinnamon all things considered!


  • Pot: Utilize a medium-enormous pot that can hold no less than 3 cups of water
  • Top
  • Teacups to Serve

Instructions to Make Cinnamon Tea

Utilize a Pot on The Oven

Fill a pot with water, drop in the cinnamon sticks, and put in the oven.

Cover, heat to the point of boiling, then, at that point, stew for around 15 minutes.

Fill glasses with cinnamon sticks. Present with sugar or honey whenever wanted. Appreciate!

Utilize a Teapot

In the event that you are utilizing a teapot, heat the water up utilizing the pot.

When the water is hot, add the cinnamon adheres and permits them to soak for 10 minutes prior to serving.

Fill glasses with cinnamon sticks. Present with sugar or honey whenever wanted. Appreciate!

Cinnamon Tea Master Tips

The more cinnamon sticks you use, the more grounded your tea will be. I viewed what I like as a decent proportion, yet you can continuously include pretty much depending on your inclination!

  • This recipe is perfect for relieving an irritated throat!
  • Try not to utilize ground cinnamon to take a stab at making this recipe.
  • For much more flavor, separate the cinnamon sticks into pieces prior to soaking.

Increments and Replacements

Make it Rich

On the off chance that you might want to add a little milk or cream to your tea, you can totally do as such! This will give you a creamier tea, which can have a quieting impact.

Chilled Cinnamon Tea

Chilled Tea is scrumptious on a warm day or as a method for getting yourself up toward the beginning of the day.

In the event that you might want to add ice to your beverage, you can do this too! For this choice, I would suggest making the tea quite a bit early and putting away it in the refrigerator so it is now cool when you need to appreciate it.

Add More Flavors in Cinnamon Tea

If you have any desire to add an additional flavor to your tea, attempt these variations:

Dark Tea PacksDouse the cinnamon bark close by dark tea sacks. This will give you the two flavors in a single beverage to add a smidgen more aspect to your refreshment.
Lemon JuiceIncredible on the off chance that you need a fresher flavor
NutmegHave a go at adding a little spot of nutmeg to your tea
GingerFor a hot kick (or attempt this Ginger Beverage recipe)

Medical Advantages of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is perfect to taste, particularly during cold and influenza season! The following are a couple of justifications for why it very well may be really great for your well-being:

Glucose Control for those with diabetes

Could be utilized to assist with impeding Tau Development, a protein related to Alzheimer’s Sickness

Stacked with cancer prevention agents

An expected constructive outcome on lessening the gamble of coronary illness

Kindly note, I’m not a specialist. These focuses are dependent on articles composed by experts, connected above, and are not clinical counsel. For more data on the medical advantages of Cinnamon Tea.

What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a zest produced using the bark of the Cinnamomum tree. The inward bark is eliminated from the tree and afterward dried until it starts to twist. The outcome is called Cinnamon Sticks, which we use to make this recipe.
Cinnamon sticks can likewise be ground utilizing a flavor processor to be transformed into ground cinnamon (extraordinary in sweet deals with like Cinnamon Buns or even exquisite dishes, similar to this Kabuli Pulao!)

When Would it be advisable for me to Drink Cinnamon Tea?

You can drink this refreshment at anything that season or day you’d like. The examination I’ve done proposes that cinnamon tea is ideal to drink in the evening time.
There is no verification that Cinnamon Tea will assist you with dozing, however, it is great to consume around evening time as it can assist with your digestion, bringing down cholesterol, and so on.

Could I at any point Keep Extras?

Indeed! In the event that you have extra Cinnamon Tea you can store it in the ice chest in a hermetically sealed holder (I like to utilize a bricklayer container). It will remain really great for 3-5 days.
You can then warm it up again prior to getting a charge out of extras OR add ice to it and have Chilled Cinnamon Tea.

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