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Thai Milk Tea Authentic Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
Thai Milk Tea Authentic Recipe

Refreshingly sweet Thai milk tea made with consolidated milk and earthy-colored sugar. This chilled tea follows a bona fide Thai recipe for the most astounding character. Finished off with earthy-colored sugar custard pearls for additional chewiness. The recipe incorporates an elective for Thai Tea without food shading.

I went to gaga for Thai milk tea when I previously visited Thailand a long while back. That is the point at which I had my most memorable Thai chilled bubble tea.

I was astonished by the unmistakable flavor, velvety surface, and fragrant pleasantness. Presently I need to impart this genuine recipe to all of you, as it was educated to me quite a while back in Thailand.

Thai Milk Tea is generally made utilizing Cha Tra Mue Thai Tea, the most celebrated tea from Thailand. This sort of tea has an unmistakable orange tone and an extremely fragrant taste.

On the off chance that Air pocket Teas are your jam, you should attempt peruser top picks Okinawa Milk Tea and Home brew Tea. For a more regular and hearty flavor, you should attempt Oolong Milk Tea. Furthermore, for the creamiest and most plush air pocket teas, examine Hokkaido Milk Tea and Taro Milk Tea.

What is Thai Milk Tea?

What is Thai Milk Tea?

Thai Milk Tea is a sweet, jazzed drink starting from Thailand. It has turned into an extremely famous beverage abroad as well, with Thai eateries serving it across the globe.

Thai air pocket tea is made with a Thai Tea base with earthy colored sugar, then, at that point, blended in with dense milk and finished off with dissipated milk. Custard pearls can likewise be added for additional surface and chewiness.

The beverage is constantly served cold, so ice blocks are an unquestionable requirement. Thai chilled milk tea is inconceivably invigorating on a sweltering summer’s day!

What Flavor is Thai Milk Tea?

What Flavor is Thai Milk Tea?

The flavor in Thai Air pocket Tea comes from the Thai Tea Blend used to make it. The most renowned Thai tea is Cha Tra Mue Thai Tea, otherwise called Number One Thai Tea Blend. This Thai Tea has an exceptionally particular orange tone and a fragrant smell.

Thai Milk Tea poses a flavor like dark tea with flavored traces of star anise, cardamom, and tamarind. It’s basically a festival of wonderful Thai flavors in a cup! The tea base is then finished off with consolidated milk and vanished milk, which gives the milk tea a bright rich, smooth flavor.

In conclusion, the flavor range likewise changes a little by adding custard pearls cooked in earthy-colored sugar syrup. This adds traces of profound, rich caramel, making this Thai Milk Tea one of the most mind-blowing tasting Air pocket Teas out there!

Thai Milk Tea is the ideal backup to fiery Thai food sources. The smooth sweet beverage does marvels to quiet down your consuming tastebuds subsequent to having a lot of fiery food.

Why is it Orange?

Thai Tea is generally orange since it contains red food shading. Fermented all alone, the tea has a profound golden variety. When you add consolidated milk, the beverage turns a lively orange.

It is accepted that Thai gourmet specialists began kicking the bucket of tea to give it a more unmistakable look. Maybe this was additionally finished to separate it outwardly from Thai Latte, as the two beverages used to be beige-brown in variety.

Anything reason Thai gourmet experts had for passing on the tea, surely makes for an extremely dynamic-looking beverage. The food shading utilized is for the most part protected to devour. Notwithstanding, for a shading-free variant, you can find an option underneath for Thai Tea without food shading.

Thai Milk Tea vs Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea vs Milk Tea

Milk Tea is a term that portrays all teas that contain milk. Thai Milk Tea is a kind of Milk Tea very much to Oolong Milk Tea, Hokkaido Milk Tea, or Homebrew Tea.

It’s likely critical to take note that not all Milk Teas are Air pocket Teas. Bubble Teas additionally contain custard pearls, going about as air pockets. This recipe for Thai Milk Tea is both a Milk Tea and an Air pocket Tea.

Why This is The Best Thai Air Pocket Tea?

Why This is The Best Thai Air Pocket Tea?

True recipe: I figured out how to plan Thai Milk Tea a long while back while visiting Thailand, so this recipe is more or less legitimate.

Fragrant smell: Thai Tea is unbelievably rich and fragrant, so this drink is flat-out happiness! The consolidated milk and vanish milk add additional richness, making it one of the most mind-blowing milk teas out there.

Simple to make: In spite of the fact that it sounds perplexing, Thai Air pocket Tea is extremely simple to make and just requires minutes.

Wonderful with zesty food: Thai Milk Tea is perfect for relieving your tongue subsequent to eating hot Thai food. The cold and smooth beverage is the best blend for relieving your taste buds subsequent to eating flaring hot food.

Extraordinary for warm late spring days: In the event that the weather conditions get as sweltering as Thailand any place you are, this Thai Chilled Tea is ensured to chill you off.

Looks astounding: The lively orange shade of the tea makes a truly lovely milk tea!


Thai Tea For the most credible flavor I suggest utilizing Cha Tra Mue Thai Tea, otherwise called Number One Thai Tea.
Dense milk Improved consolidated milk adds the ideal measure of smoothness and pleasantness. I like to utilize Settle Carnation Dense Milk since it has the best flavor.
Vanished milkAdds richness and makes the beverage exceptionally smooth. Any sort of vanished milk will function admirably.
SaltA little spot of salt balances out the pleasantness and makes the flavor pop considerably more.
Earthy-colored sugar Expected to make the sugar syrup for the custard pearls. Any kind of earthy-colored sugar will work.
Custard pearlsI suggest utilizing Earthy-colored Sugar Custard Pearls for the best character.
VanillaA bit of vanilla will make the fragrant traces of cardamom and star anise pop significantly more. I suggest adding ½ teaspoon of vanilla bean glue to the tea kettle.
Dark teaAdding 1 tablespoon of dark tea can make the flavor somewhat more quelled, which many individuals like. Actually, I like it without dark tea, yet the decision is yours!

Substitute For Thai Milk Tea Without Food Shading

Cha Tra Mue Thai Tea can be tracked down in most Asian grocery stores or on the web. Practically all Thai Teas contain food shading, which certain individuals may be sensitive to. This is the way you can make your own Thai Tea mix without food shading:

Dark Tea – I suggest involving free-leaf tea for a more extraordinary character. The best assortments to utilize are Ceylon Tea or Assam Tea. You can likewise utilize decaffeinated dark tea.

Star anise – With a serious licorice flavor, this zest is fundamental in reproducing the kind of bona fide Thai Tea. You can utilize either entire or powder star anise.

Cardamom – Adds a somewhat fiery clue, with notes of citrus. You can utilize entire cardamom seeds or ground cardamom.

Tamarind – Carry a prepared tartness to the tea. I suggest involving powdered tamarind for ease, however, you can likewise utilize new sweet tamarind or tamarind glue.

Discretionary: vanilla – A sprinkle of vanilla can truly draw out the flavors. You can have a go at adding ½ teaspoon of vanilla bean glue.

Orange food shading – For a characteristic other option, you can attempt either ground turmeric or beetroot powder. Notwithstanding, this will marginally change the kind of tea.

Instructions to Make Thai Milk Tea Without Any Preparation

  • Set up the earthy-colored sugar syrup and cook the custard pearls independently.
  • Blend the custard pearls into the sugar syrup and cook on low intensity for a couple of moments. Put away.
  • Heat up a pot of water. Place the Thai Milk into a tea kettle with an injecter, then pour the heated water over it. Allow it to soak covered.
  • Strain the tea leaves and dispose of them. Empty improved consolidated milk into the tea, then, at that point, blend well to join. Allow the blend to chill off until tepid.
  • When the base parts have been arranged, you can start collecting the last beverages:
  • In a tall glass, place custard pearls and sugar syrup at the base.
  • Top with liberal measures of ice 3D squares.
  • Pour the Thai tea blend over the ice 3D squares.
  • Top with dissipated milk and serve right away.

Tips and Deceives

Adjusted Pleasantness

Since we are adding custard pearls and sugar syrup into the beverage, there is no additional sugar added to the Thai Tea blend. In the event that you’re making this beverage without sugar syrup, add 2 tablespoons of earthy-colored sugar into the tea kettle while blending.

Wonderful Blend

Thai Tea should be fermented for a limit of 5 minutes. Assuming left any more than that, the flavor becomes overwhelming, and it can squeeze your tongue.

Consolidated and Vanish Milk

Legitimate Thai recipes generally utilize both, so for the best café grade flavors don’t skip them.

Make Somewhat Early

You can blend Thai Tea and store it in the refrigerator for up to 4-5 days. Add the consolidated milk and vanished milk into the beverage prior to serving.

Amazing Custard Pearls

Set them up just prior to serving the beverage. Custard pearls will stay chewy for a limit of 2 hours subsequent to being cooked. A short time later they go hard and horrendous.

Look Out For Stains

Thai Tea can stain any light-hued surface. Ensure you wipe down any trickles promptly to stay away from stains. The equivalent goes for the dress.

Utilize an Air Pocket Tea Straw

Custard pearls can be very enormous and can’t go through customary straws. I suggest getting some reusable air pocket tea straws.

How to Store?

Thai Tea is incredible in light of the fact that it tends to be ready early. In the wake of preparing the tea, let it cool down totally then store it in a glass restrain in the ice chest for 4-5 days. Add the consolidated milk and dissipated milk prior to serving.
Custard pearls should be cooked new just prior to serving and consumed in 2 hours or less.

Is Thai Milk Tea energized?

Indeed, Thai Milk Tea contains dark tea, which is jazzed. For a decaffeinated rendition, see my segment on Thai Tea substitutes.

Does Thai Milk Tea have espresso?

No, Thai Milk Tea contains no espresso. It contains Thai Tea, which is made with a dark tea base and is energized. Be that as it may, the caffeine levels are a lot lower than espresso.

Does Thai Milk Tea have dairy?

Indeed, real Thai Milk Tea contains dairy as dense milk and dissipated milk.

Does Thai Milk Tea stain?

Thai Tea contains food shading which can stain light-hued surfaces without any problem. Make a point to promptly clear off any stains.

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