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Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea All To Know

by Muhammad Nabeel
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Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea

Sweetwaters coffee and tea has a motto and that is Sit. Relax. Refill. Repeat. And they make sure that their motto is fulfilled.

Once you go there all you do is sit, relax, get a refill, and repeat, and if by now you haven’t realized that’s their motto.

About Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea

Wei and Lisa Bee founded the original Sweetwaters in 1993 in downtown Ann Arbor near their alma mater, the University of Michigan. Inspired by her love of food and drink and inspired by her creativity, Sweetwaters was conceived and brought to life. A great result:

A coffee house like Wei and Lisa celebrates classic café fare along with globally inspired coffees and teas in a classy and friendly environment.

Today, both are an integral part of Sweetwaters’ daily life through business, community engagement, and the discovery of inspiring products for our guests. If you don’t mind, come see her and say hello. They are likely chatting with one of the many regulars who have since become friends.

The Founders of Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea


Favorite Drink:

A bold yet cute, dragon eye.

Favorite Dessert:

OMG chocolate cake. Sometimes you need a lot of chocolate.

Favorite Aspects of Sweetwaters

Sweetwaters is a melting pot of communities and we are all having a great time!


Favorite Drink:

Napali Brew is reminiscent of the Napali Coast in Hawaii, where it gets its name.

Favorite Snack:

Strawberry Bliss Ice Dragon. Most people mistake this for a drink, but for me, it’s a healthy and easy snack – strawberries mixed with yogurt – a one-handed treat in a cup.

Favorite Side of Sweetwaters:

“Breakfast Club” (regulars in the morning). They are the funniest and wake up at 7 am. We don’t see each other very often, but when we do, it always makes me smile.

Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea

You can find sweetwaters in the following locations

at the corner of Washington and Ashley, downtown;  Kerrytown; E Liberty St, where Borders used to be; inside the Westgate Branch Library; on Plymouth Road near Green Road; and in Ypsilanti on West Cross St.

Things You Can do at Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea

  • Sit and try to relax.
  • Order yourself some coffee or what else are you there for? And don’t worry their coffee is comparatively cheap.
  • One thing you might find a bit on the expensive side is their candy so you might want to keep yourself away from it.
  • Get yourself some baked food items.
  • Use free wireless internet.

How to Know That You Are in a Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea

  • You are in a building with light music playing in the background.
  • Coffee is being sold obviously.
  • You see sweetwaters written somewhere, especially on the menu.
  • A good number of students might be sitting doing their assignments and homework after ordering just a medium latte.


  • Downtown at 123 W Washington Street at Ashley Street
  • In Kerrytown
  • In the Plymouth Green Crossings center on the northeast side of Ann Arbor
  • On E Liberty St where Borders used to be inside the Westgate Branch Library
  • In Ypsilanti on W Cross St near the Ypsilanti Water Tower

Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Menu

Sweetwaters offer a wide variety of items on their menu

1. Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Coffee Menu

1. Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Coffee Menu

Classic Coffees


Choose between our bold House espresso or our premium European style, smooth Abianno espresso.


One, two, or three shots of espresso with foamed milk gently layered on top. A tasty treat that’s sure to warm your heart.

House, Decaf, Organic & Fair Trade Coffees

A superb collection of daily brews. 


Freshly brewed espresso & perfectly steamed milk. Try this classic with our premium Abianno Espresso!


A perfect mix of espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk topped with whipped cream. We dare you not to drink it in one gulp.

Cold Brew Coffees


The perfect combination of our signature Straight Up Cold Brew, fresh espresso, luxurious chocolate sauce & rich cream.


Our most popular Cold Brew. Our smooth silk Straight Up Cold Brew with vanilla syrup & swirled with rich cream.

Straight Up

Brewed with love for 18 hours, our Straight Up Cold Brew is a naturally sweet & incredibly smooth coffee. Nothing added, nothing needed.

Signature Coffees

Crème Caramel

A delicious caramel-coated vanilla latte topped with whipped cream. The perfect mix of sweet and rich.

Dragon Eye

A hypnotizing blend of our House coffee and sweetened condensed milk. A tribute to the Year of the Dragon.

French Vietnamese Au Lait

A masterpiece of Sweetwaters’ dark-roasted French chicory coffee and sweetened condensed milk. It’s an Asian finish to a French coffee.

2. Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Teas Menu

Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Teas Menu

There are different types of teas are available in sweetwaters.

Select Teas



Egyptian blossoms with a strong, fresh scent reminiscent of green apples. The perfect soothing tea.

Mandarin Orange Rooibos


Naturally sweet & pleasantly fruity South African red tea. All-natural mandarin orange flavors make this tea pleasantly fruity and sweet. All herbal – no caffeine.

Iron Goddess


Light in a cup and rich in aroma, this famous Chinese tea is browner than most oolongs.

English Breakfast


Bright, coppery Ceylon Blend that’s not overpowering. A perfect early morning tea.

Imperial Black


Alluringly dark & mildly sweet orange pekoe black tea from China. An excellent black tea!

Cinnamon Spice


A black tea blend with 3 types of cinnamon, orange peels & cloves… tea with a kick!

Passion Fruit


A fruity black tea.

Pomegranate Green


Pomegranate-flavored sencha green tea decorated with pink rose petals.



A green tea with a clean finish and a bright, fresh taste. Our most popular green tea.



Scented green tea with actual jasmine blossoms.

Signature Teas



Sweet & Spicy blend of organic black tea, honey, vanilla & spices mixed with steamed milk.

Ginger Lemon Tea


A zesty, all-natural, herbal infusion made with ginger, lemon, and honey. A Sweetwaters’ original handcrafted daily.

Ginger Raspberry Tea


Raspberry, ginger, lemon, and honey combine to make an all-natural, herbal tea with a sweet twist. A Sweetwaters’ original handcrafted daily.

Iced Tea Lemonades

Real Tea Lemonade mixed with your choice of our most popular brewed teas.

Imperial Milk Tea


Inspired by Hong Kong teahouses, our Imperial Milk blends sweetened black tea & velvety steamed milk for a classic tea with an Asian twist.

Matcha Latte


Our premium Japanese matcha tea, vanilla & creamy milk.

Iced Tea

Imperial Black, Jasmine, Orange Rooibos, Pomegranate Green, and Passion Fruit.

Thai Iced Tea

A blend of black tea, vanilla, and cinnamon is poured over ice and topped with half & half.

Premium Teas

Dragon Pearl Jasmine


An exceptional green tea made from hand-rolled silvery tips dried amidst fresh jasmine blossoms for an exquisite aroma and taste.

Earl Grey


Hearty black tea flavored with 100% real bergamot oil. The most elegant Earl Grey we’ve tasted!

Emerald Matcha Blend


Japanese Matcha blended with classic green tea & roasted, popped rice. A wonderfully unique & beautiful tea.

Greek Mint


Aromatic, smooth, and buttery but not sharp. From the central mainland of Greece.

Winter Blossom


A hint of mint & spice blended with our Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea. Aromatic, mildly sweet with a ‘lil zest.

3. Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Frozen Drinks

3. Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Frozen Drinks

Ice Dragons


Premium Japanese matcha green tea blended with vanilla, sweet cream, & ice, topped with housemade whipped cream. A Dragon green with envy!


A luxurious Dragon wrapped in chocolate, espresso, cream, and ice with a finishing touch of whipped cream.


The sweetest Dragon of them all—caramel, espresso, cream, and ice blended and topped with whipped cream.

Strawberry Bliss

Real strawberries, yogurt, and vanilla cream blended into the perfect frozen treat. (coffee-free)

Strawberry Lemon Freeze

Fresh strawberries and lemonade adorn our cutest Dragon. Sweet and tart! (coffee-free)



Espresso, milk, vanilla ice cream, and housemade whipped cream. A Sweetwaters classic.

Coco Cafe

A shot of espresso, chocolate, & creamy vanilla ice cream, topped with housemade whipped cream. A rewarding pick me up!

Chocolate Milkshake

Rich chocolate milkshake made with ice cream & chocolate.

Napali Brew

Inspired by the sandy beaches of Hawaii’s Napali Coast. Vanilla ice cream, espresso & hazelnut syrup, topped with housemade whipped cream. A taste of tropical paradise.

4. Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea More Drinks

Ginger Fizz

Sweetwaters’ exclusive in-house ginger ale, is handcrafted & deliciously refreshing. A sparkling combination that will dazzle your taste buds.


Savor summer all year with this refreshing classic.

Hot Chocolate

Rich chocolate blended with perfectly steamed milk & topped with housemade whipped cream.

Pup Cup

Our housemade whipped cream over ice. The perfect treat for your pup!

Drink 6 Packs

Dreamy Cold Brew Kit

Everything you need to make your own Dreamy at home, or on the go.

Juicy Lemonades 6 Pack

Refreshingly real lemonade, raspberry lemonade, and blackberry lemonade.

Global Traveler 6 Pack

Explore these globally inspired drinks that you can only get at Sweetwaters.l

Real Iced Tea 6 Pack

Explore our best-selling black, green, and herbal iced teas – no sugar added.

5. Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Scones


Blueberry Scone

Wild blueberries studded in a buttery scone.

Cinnamon Scone

Cinnamon sugar topped buttery cream scone.

CranOrange Scone

Cranberry and orange pair perfectly in this buttery scone.

Chocolate Croissant

Flaky croissant filled perfectly with chocolate.

Butter Croissant

A classic French butter croissant. Light, airy & golden.


Variety of bagels. Toasted to order.

6. Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Desserts


Lemon Bar

Refreshing lemon curd atop a buttery shortbread.

Mini French Donut

Plain, Berry, and Chocolate


Pistachio, Strawberry Cream, Passion Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Orange Citrus, Cafe Latte

Joy Nut Bar

Chunks of chocolate, coconut, butterscotch & walnuts. A big bar of deliciousness.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Chocolate chunks & crunchy pretzel bites.

Charlie Brownie

Bittersweet & semi-sweet chocolate chunks with cute lil’ chocolate drops.

Carrot Cake

Layers of incredibly moist carrot cake studded with raisins, walnuts, & pineapple, topped with a smooth cream cheese frosting.

OMG Chocolate Cake

Chocolate pudding is layered between the dark, moist chocolate cake. Truly magical!


Light mascarpone & coffee brandy-soaked ladyfingers, dusted with cocoa.

7. Sweetwaters Coffee And Tea Breakfast

Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg & Cheese

Made to order a breakfast sandwich. Toasted on a bagel or biscuit filled with egg, & cheese.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Made to order a breakfast sandwich. Toasted on a bagel or biscuit filled with bacon, egg, & cheese.

Ham, Egg & Cheese

Made to order a breakfast sandwich. Toasted on a bagel or biscuit filled with ham, egg, & cheese.

Ham, Turkey & Cheese

Made to order a breakfast sandwich. Toasted on a bagel or biscuit filled with turkey, egg, & cheese.

Pretzel Sandwiches

Ham & Cheese

Our toasted pretzel bun is filled with ham & cheddar cheese. A delicious anytime sandwich.

Turkey & Cheese

Our toasted pretzel bun is filled with turkey & cheddar cheese. Savory & cheesy!


Toasted pretzel bun filled with layers of cheddar cheese.


Bacon, turkey, ham & cheese on a toasted pretzel bun. Hearty & hits the spot!

Pretzel Melt

Spinach & Feta

Parmesan sprinkled pretzel dough filled with spinach cream cheese & feta crumbles.

Turkey & Provolone

Golden pretzel dough surrounds smoked turkey & aged provolone.


Yogurt Parfait

Our house-made yogurt parfait with mixed berries & granola. A great way to start your day or as an afternoon treat.

Sweet Waters Coffee & Tea

Menu Source


Does sweetwater have coffee?

Sweetwater has a large variety of teas and coffees.

How many sweetwaters are there?

There are 10 sweetwaters offices all across the US.


There is all the information you need to have about sweetwaters.

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