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How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles?

by Khadija Tahir
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How to Make Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles?

My recipe for this fast and simple no-heat strawberry shortcake crumbles is the most brilliant and tasty crunchy fixing or blending into your cakes, cupcakes, yogurt, and cheesecakes, and that’s just the beginning.

No jam, no gelatine, and no pudding blend are required, and it just requires 5 minutes to make without turning the broiler on! Simply a piece of cake interaction to strawberry crunch yumminess.

What is Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles?

Assuming that you experienced childhood in the US, you should recall those Affableness Strawberry Shortcake Frozen yogurt Bars! If not, you should attempt them when you following visit the States! Indeed, this strawberry shortcake crumbles was the fruity strawberry vanilla treat covering those nostalgic frozen yogurt bars that we as a whole cherished to such an extent!

I can ensure that this strawberry shortcake crumbles recipe will carry those recollections back with its serious sweet strawberry flavor and vanilla treat crunch. You won’t be frustrated!

What is Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles?

Why This is The Best Recipe?

Very easy to make – This strawberry shortcake crumbles with Brilliant Oreos are so yummy, yet so natural to make and require no extravagant hardware.

It is so delectable – It beats crunchy pieces of Brilliant Oreos join with extremely new freeze-dried strawberry flavor and an additional smidgen of salt to adjust the pleasantness.

It is a simple-to-follow instructional exercise – This nitty gritty instructional exercise is secure. I’ve shared each tip and stunt I know, so you can make the most delectable strawberry shortcake crumbles. I maintain that you should succeed! I have also written an article on Strawberry Milk Tea Recipe.

Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles Fixing Notes

Freeze-dried strawberries: You need to involve freeze-dried strawberries for the best outcomes. They are the most all-normal decision, yet will also add the most scrumptious flavor to the strawberry crunch

Brilliant Oreos: These are the vanilla-enhanced rendition of the exemplary Oreo with a similar yummy cream community. They add the treat crunch surface to the disintegrate

Salt: A significant fixing that assists with adjusting the pleasantness of dessert recipes. You just utilize a scramble and it works impeccably, so be certain not to forget about it

Margarine: This fixing is discretionary relying on your ideal disintegrate size. On the off chance that you like a more disintegrated surface, overlook the spread. For a tackier disintegration and greater lumps, utilize the margarine. In pastries, the unsalted spread is the most ideal decision to assist with controlling the pungency. I utilize European-style unsalted margarine with an 82% fat item in the entirety of my recipes

No strawberry jam: I don’t involve jam in my recipe. Not at all like the margarine, jam transforms the disintegrated mash into mush over the long run and just doesn’t work.

That is the reason strawberries are the superstar in this recipe. At the point when squashed, the freeze-dried strawberries not just add the most heavenly sweet strawberry flavor but add significantly more tone and brilliance to the disintegration without the utilization of food colors and item concentrates.

Instructions to Cause The Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles

You have two choices with regards to making the strawberry crunch part of the disintegrate. The cutting-edge way is by placing the freeze-dried strawberries and Brilliant Oreos into a food processor and beating them together until they are equitably measuring and disintegrating.

Or on the other hand, you can do it the old-fashioned way by placing the treats and strawberries into a ziplock sack and beating it with a moving pin. Assuming you do it along these lines, make a point to utilize a strong pack that won’t tear.

Further Significant Stages to Make Your Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles Great

Further Significant Stages to Make Your Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles Great

Making this simple strawberry shortcake disintegrate is a straightforward cycle and you are almost done once the Brilliant Oreos and freeze-dried strawberries have been transforming into disintegrates. However, there are only a couple of also significant advances that will guarantee your disintegrate turns out totally great!

Whenever you have disintegrated the treats and strawberries using a food processor or moving pin, put the blend into an enormous bowl and add the salt. You would rather not fail to remember this step as it assists with bringing out and adjusting the pleasantness of the strawberry crunch disintegrated

In the case of using the margarine, presently join the spread and disintegrate together in the bowl. The margarine should be soft regardless of runny for this step. However, once the disintegration is set in the cooler the margarine chills and goes about as a limiting specialist making a yummy crunchy surface

After the dissolve spread the combination might appear to be also runnily relying upon the temperature of the margarine, yet you don’t have to add more Brilliant Oreos. The combination will rapidly solidify whenever it is set in the ice chest

What’s more, in light of the fact that the recipe just purposes treat, hold up dried strawberries, salt, and margarine assuming you like, there is a compelling reason need to heat it! It’s an astonishing no-prepare strawberry disintegrate beating that is really adaptable and simple to make!

What Amount of Time Does it Require For The Strawberry Shortcake Crumbles to Set?

This possibly relates to assuming you are using spread. In the event that you’re not using margarine then your disintegration is all set once the salt is added. Yet, for those of you that are involving the margarine for added lumps and crunch, the strawberry shortcake disintegrates and will set decently fast once positioned in the refrigerator and left to chill for about 60 minutes.


If that wasn’t already enough, making this yummy strawberry shortcake disintegrate besting recipe requires no extravagant gear! I made my vanilla strawberry crunch disintegrates with a moving pin and ziplock sack. I just put the Brilliant Oreos and freeze-dried strawberries into the zipped plastic sack and beat it with my moving pin. It’s very enjoyable to do it as it was done in the good ‘old days and in a real sense requires only 3 minutes!

However, on the off chance that you like, you can also make the crunch using a food processor by just beating the treats and strawberries together until they are on an even brittle surface. Another on Strawberry Smoothie Recipe Without Yogurt.

Master Tips

Master Tips

Be mindful so as not to separate the treats and freeze-dried strawberries to an extreme. You maintain that the surface should dislike dust. Do add the salt to the strawberry crunch besting as it adds profundity to the flavors and adjusts the pleasantness.

In the case of using the spread, you’ll need to soften it at a low temperature in the microwave. Dissolving it on high frequently prompts a wreck in the microwave. When the margarine is spread the strawberry shortcake smashes out on a dish or sheet skillet and gives a sufficient opportunity to also chill. The margarine needs this opportunity to solidify and make the best crunch.

On the off chance that you don’t have unsalted margarine close by and need to utilize salted spread, you will need to preclude the salt in the recipe. The salt in the spread will adjust the pleasantness in its place.

This fixing is really adaptable. Also, any kind of cream-filled treat can be instead of the Brilliant Oreos. Indeed, even the first cocoa flavor could be truly yummy. Furthermore, on the off chance that you are vegetarian or favor it sans gluten, it’s no issue by any means to simply switch the kind of treat.

On the off chance that you need a touch of newness in the disintegrates take a stab at adding some new lemon zing. It makes all the difference with a bit of acid that draws out the fruity kind of strawberries much more.

How to Store?

Strawberry disintegrate can be put away for half a month in the ice chest in a sealed shut holder.

How to Freeze?

You can freeze this disintegrate in a fixed ziplock cooler sack or hermetically sealed compartment for a couple of months. Simply take it out when required and permit it to defrost a piece at room temperature prior to utilizing.

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Could I at any point utilize strawberry jam rather than freeze-dried strawberries?

No, the jam won’t work in this recipe. It is essentially some unacceptable consistency and won’t bring about the appropriate surface.

Do I want pudding or jello blend to make this recipe?

No, this is a basic 3 or 4 fixings recipe with no pudding or jello required.

Might I at any point utilize oil rather than margarine?

No, oil is excessively fluid and won’t solidify like spread when chilled. The utilization of the actual spread makes the greater lumps and, surprisingly, all the more a crunch.

Do I need to utilize cream-filled treats like Brilliant Oreos?

On the off chance that you are involving the spread in the recipe, non-cream-filled treats will work. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are making you’re disintegrate spread free, you should utilize creme-filled treats to add some fat, which is required as a cover for the crunchy bits.

Might I at any point utilize different kinds of freeze-dried organic products?

Indeed, this recipe is truly adaptable and will work with a freeze-dried natural product. Raspberry and mango are a portion of my top picks. You might really do a combination of strawberry and mango. The decision depends on you and your taste.

Could I at any point add more flavors to the disintegration?

Indeed! Be all around as imaginative as you like. Vanilla beans or finely hacked nuts like almonds would be amazing! Lemon or lime zing would work impeccably with strawberries.

Might I at any point make this recipe without gluten?

Indeed, you can utilize any kind of hand-crafted or locally acquired sans-gluten treats. Notwithstanding, do remember that on the off chance that you are utilizing a non-cream-filled treat, you should involve the margarine in the recipe for the best crunchy surface.

Could I at any point make this disintegrated veggie lover?

Indeed, simply utilize your number one cream-filled veggie lover treat to supplant the Brilliant Oreos. However, remember, that assuming that you are utilizing a non-cream-filled veggie lover treat you should utilize spread. All things considered, my most realistic estimation is that the veggie lover spread will in all likelihood work without any issues whatsoever.

For what reason is my disintegrate not crunchy?

You might have over-handled your treats an excess while transforming them into a disintegrate. Also, assuming you are involving the spread in the recipe, it’s conceivable that you might have utilized an excess of margarine, too little spread, or you just didn’t give it a sufficient opportunity to chill in the refrigerator to set.

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