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Make Easy Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
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Make Easy Fried Rice Without Soy Sauce Recipe

If you want a quick and good dinner, this fried rice without soy sauces is the tastiest method for spending extra vegetables! Made with a sans soy sesame sauce, earthy colored rice is with a combination of vegetables and eggs.

This is one of my #1 veggie lover suppers since it’s filling, and it saves well for lunch the following day.

Match this egg-fried rice without soy sauce with egg rolls or spring rolls and sweet bean stew sauce for some additional character!

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces

You don’t require soy sauce to get a very delightful rice recipe. The best part is it truly functions admirably with any vegetables that you want to go through. For this one, I utilized extra fresh corn, some additional red chime pepper, and green onion (which is just non-debatable).

I love to add an egg for some protein, however, if you truly needed to do this vegetarian it would in any case be comparable. As may be obvious, it’s a truly flexible recipe that is perfect for different eating regimens.

No soy – This is fundamental for individuals who have soy sensitivity or are following a headache diet.

Gluten-free – Numerous soy sauces or fluid aminos contain gluten so this is an extraordinary choice for individuals who have gluten bigotries.

Lower glutamate and sodium – Soy sauce is normally high in both glutamate and sodium.

Family agreeable – Not utilizing soy sauce doesn’t mean this customary dish can’t have loads of flavor. I’ll tell you the best way to support it with flavorful toasted sesame oil and sweet bean stew sauce. I have also written an article on Can Soy Sauce go Bad? What to Know About it?

Soy Subtitles

Make Easy Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Recipe

Coconut aminos – one of my #1 substitutes, coconut aminos very closely resemble soy sauce yet are using the sap of a coconut bloom. Along these lines, it’s somewhat better and less pungent than conventional soy. Nonetheless, it contains a decent profundity of flavor. You do have to offset the pleasantness with a smidgen of flavor, which this recipe does.

Hand-crafted soy sauce substitute – A ton of my recipe talk about a bunch of individuals who partake in this recipe on the off chance that they can’t endure coconut aminos. It requires 2 cups stock, 1 tablespoon molasses, 1 garlic clove crushed, ½ teaspoon salt, and ½ teaspoon white vinegar. Stew all fixings, revealed, for 15 minutes until marginally decreased.

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Fixings

Elements for broiled rice on a table.

Chilled earthy colored rice – White rice can likewise be subbed. It’s significant this is chilled or it will be soft. Chilled rice yields a pleasant, firm surface.

Coconut aminos – Talked about over, my #1 image is The New Base. Coconut Privileged insights and Merchant Joe’s additionally have good ones.

Toasted sesame oil – It’s critical you purchase “toasted” sesame oil for the best profundity of flavor.

Vegetables – I like to utilize anything that I have extra in the cooler, however, the recipe gives you a few thoughts! Frozen corn, ringer peppers, zucchini, mushrooms – every single great choice.

Cruciferous blend – I use Merchant Joe’s cruciferous crunch blend or Costco likewise sells a decent kale and cabbage blend as well as a feature of a pre-bundled salad blend.

Sweet stew sauce – My number one brand is Thai, which is a neighborhood Texas brand. It has a smidgen of flavor without being excessively hot or sweet. The fixings are extremely straightforward.

How to Make Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces?

While making seared rice, involving chilled rice as your base is significant. Assuming you utilize newly cooked, it very well might be excessively soft or sticky and won’t yield that pleasant, firm surface that is ideal.

Sear The Egg

In the case of utilizing eggs, heat an enormous wok or skillet over medium-high intensity, with 1 tablespoon of oil. Add eggs and sear, cleaving up with a wooden spoon as they cook. Eliminate from skillet and put away.

Cook The Vegetables

To a similar skillet, add one more tablespoon of oil over medium-high intensity and mix in the slashed vegetables. Sauté until the vegetables have mellowed, around 2-3 minutes. The timing might fluctuate because of the vegetables you use.

Add Chilled Rice

Utilizing a similar container mix in the chilled rice, over medium-high intensity, and spread out along the lower part of the skillet so all the rice covers any open spaces. Sing it for 30 seconds so the rice gets somewhat firm. Then, at that point, start to mix once more. You can rehash this as you like to freshen up the rice.

Add The Sauce

Mix the coconut aminos, toasted sesame oil, and sweet bean stew sauce. Then empty it into the rice combination, permitting it to air pocket, and mix till consolidated. Taste and add salt and pepper depending on the situation. Serve warm.

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Capacity Tips

Seared rice without soy sauce will save for no less than 3 days in the ice chest. You can simply microwave it in 30-second stretches to warm it, but it’s in every case best if you can sear it once more. This will permit the rice to freshen up more.

Cooler capacity – This recipe does freeze admirably and out at room temperature for around 30 minutes or short-term in the fridge. Freeze for a limit of 90 days.

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Recipe Replacements

Add protein with pre-cooked or rotisserie chicken, hamburger, or seared shrimp.

For a veggie lover or vegetarian choice, attempt skillet-burned tofu (for those past the headache disposal diet stage).

For low sodium – check the fixing marks on the items you purchase. Some coconut aminos are lower in sodium than others. Discard any additional salt.

If you could do without any of the vegetables recommended here, go ahead and substitute them with anything that you do like in similar sums. Read more about the How to Make Soy Sauce Noodles?

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Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Benefits

Make Easy Fried Rice Without Soy Sauce Recipe

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Salt Decrease

The utilization of NBSS in food varieties can supplant the utilization of salt to fluctuating degrees, contingent on the sort of food. One review showed that salad dressing could be made similarly as tasty and lovely involving NBSS with up to half a decrease in salt, while for the soup it was 17% and practically 30% for pork.

This is a significant finding as high sodium is one of the essential gamble factors for cardiovascular infection. The capacity to deliver food sources that are low in sodium yet similarly ok to the client is a significant one for the food business. The extraordinary umami taste in soy sauce is answerable for this peculiarity of sodium decrease with taste upgrade and is because of the long aging cycle.

Glutamic corrosive, aspartic corrosive, phenylalanine, and tyrosine are principally liable for this desire for the presence of salt and other free amino acids. In exceptionally handled and prepared food, for example, wieners, research has shown that up to 35% sodium substitution is conceivable by utilizing soy sauce and potassium (rather than sodium) chloride.

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Antiplatelet Action

Soy sauce contains a few parts that restrain the platelet total, in particular, a few beta-carbolines. Subsequently, the utilization of NBSS can assist with forestalling clump development.

If you want to see more then watch this video.

Against Hypertensive Impact

NBSS contains nicotinamide, a part that restrains the angiotensinogen-I changing over compound that is vital to expanding vascular tone. This might be one justification for why NBSS consumption doesn’t expand the circulatory strain regardless of its pungent taste and high salt focus.

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Mitigating Action

Fiery entrail sickness is described by side effects emerging from persistent gastrointestinal lot irritation and incorporates ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s illness, which might influence upwards of 1 out of 1000 in Western countries. Soy sauce was found to repress the shortening and thickening of the colon wall in comparable prompted stomach provocative circumstances in a few creature studies.

This is ascribed to the reduction in proinflammatory cytokines brought about by isoflavone movement in NBSS, and this is essential for its antipolitics adequacy. The maturation expands the convergences of these mixtures.

NBSS contains numerous bioactive mixtures, for example, phytic corrosive, isoflavones, and protease inhibitors. Soy isoflavones incorporate the glycosides daidzein, genistein, and Glycitein. These are acquired during aging by expanding sugars to the base isoflavones daidzin, genistin, and glycerin. The centralizations of free daidzein and genistein are 0.9-23.5 mcg/g and 2.8-17.9 mcg/g individually. Phyto-phenols are likewise expanded during this cycle. The antipolitics impact is ideal at a portion of 4 mL/kg of FSS. It is imagined that at higher dosages the salt in the sauce might hinder the full advantage of the fixing, yet at this portion, it could be utilized to fill in for salt as a food seasoning.

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Antimutagenic Action

Make Easy Fried Rice Without Soy Sauce Recipe

NBSS is viewed as defensive against prostate, bosom, and endometrial tumors in long-haul clients. It lessens cancer development in mice, an observation that has been repeated in many examinations.

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Cancer Prevention Agent Limit

Soy sauce has particularly high cancer prevention agent power which adds to its energizing impacts in proper portions. This is believed to be because of the presence of starch-containing dull colors, for example, melanoidin’s.


Even though NBSS is created from wheat and soybeans, the long and multi-stage maturation guarantees total hydrolysis of the multitude of proteins in these food sources, guaranteeing that no allergens remain.

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Against Hypersensitive Activity

NBSS contains soy polysaccharides that are as yet present in the sauce (called Shoyu polysaccharides, SPS) to around 1%, and these are strong antiallergics. FSS additionally contains three Shoyuflavones which repress the compound histidine decarboxylase.

This thusly smothers receptor blend which intervenes with sensitivity, irritation, and gastric corrosive discharge. A few examinations showed that supplementation with SPS is viable in lessening hypersensitive rhinitis side effects, and atopic dermatitis and this is particularly valuable since it tends to be integrated into day-to-day food sources.


NBSS helps increment the emission of gastric corrosive, however, hinders incendiary changes, in this manner advancing processing. It likewise diminishes the quantities of a few bacterial strains in the stomach and digestive tract, including pathogenic and non-pathogenic Escherichia coli, vibrio cholera, and salmonella.

Fried Rice Without Soy Sauces Against Hyperuricemic Movement

Some exploration proposes that the utilization of NBSS decreases serum uric corrosive and xanthine oxidase levels, which is expected to glaze, catechol, and genistein in this sauce.


In certain assortments, for example, Chinese soy sauce, no wheat is utilized or very little, bringing about a more obscure and thicker sauce, with a more grounded taste. Caramel and monosodium glutamate might be added to the last option too.

Different added substances decide the arrangement of different assortments. For example, sweet soy sauce has added palm sugar and is warmed after maturation. Pungent soy sauce has added salt.

What gives Chinese seared rice its flavor?

The main sauces to add are soy sauce, clam sauce, and fish sauce in seared rice. Every one of the three adds extraordinary flavors to rice, yet it very well may be not difficult to get carried away. Ensure you add limited quantities of each and routinely taste the rice. Your objective ought to be to accentuate the kinds of your rice, meat, and vegetables.

Does seared rice have soy sauce in it?

Seared rice is a customary Chinese planning of cooked rice, vegetables, protein, soy sauce, and aromatics. The fixings are sautéed in a huge skillet or wok for even flavor dissemination.

How might I make rice taste great without sauce?

One of my number one methods for adding flavor to rice is by either utilizing a cooking fluid other than water (bouillon or stock is a simple other option), or by blending in a few new spices, dried natural products, peas, nuts, or other flavor and variety sponsors.

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