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Is Gluten Free Soy Sauce Good For You?

by Khadija Tahir
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Is Gluten Free Soy Sauce Good For You?

Gluten free soy sauce is a popular alternative for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. This article provides an informative guide on gluten-free soy sauce, including its ingredients, nutritional value, and potential health benefits.

Learn about the different types of gluten-free soy sauce available, how to use it in your cooking, and where to buy it. Discover whether gluten-free soy sauce is a healthy and safe option for you and your dietary needs.

Most soy sauce is truth be told, a 50/50 combination of soy and wheat. Soy sauce that incorporates wheat is better than soy-just sorts.

Even though wheat is in soy sauce, it might in any case be alright for some who are gluten. This is because of the maturing system which might separate the proteins that cause sensitivity or narrow-mindedness. Be that as it may, more examination is required and you are best to be as cautious as possible assuming that you are worried about your openness to any measure of gluten.

There is a gluten free soy sauce tamari that is customary without wheat. There’s a little (yet developing) number of tamari-style sans gluten soy sauce brands available. This is what’s accessible and where you can track down it.

San-J Soy Sauce Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Is Gluten Free Soy Sauce Good For You?

San-J makes a wide assortment of without gluten soy sauce items, including standard and natural tamari-style soy sauce, in addition to customary and natural diminished sodium without gluten tamari-style soy sauce. You can buy San-J in either containers or one-serving travel packs.

San-J’s items are sans gluten by the Sans Gluten Confirmation Association (GFCO), and San-J tests its items to contain under five sections for every million of gluten, or at a degree of GF-5. Likewise, San-J utilizes no gluten-based alcohols in its without gluten soy sauce and other gluten items; the alcohols it utilizes are gotten from sugarcane. You can find San-J items locally or get them on the web.

Kikkoman Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Kikkoman makes a few sans gluten items, including a tamari-style soy sauce that utilizes just water, soybeans, rice, and salt; a premium tamari sauce produced using water, salt, soybeans, and sugar; a sauce with half less sodium; and a sweet soy sauce for the rice.

You can find these soy sauces in some supermarkets, or you can get them on the web (by the case or by the container). While purchasing Kikkoman soy sauce, ensure you get a jug set apart with a sans gluten name. Kikkoman makes a wide range of soy sauces, and it’s not difficult to get some unacceptable one if you don’t watch out.

Eden Natural Soy Sauce

Eden Food Sources has two unique natural tamari-style sans gluten soy sauce items — one made in the US and one imported from Japan. The sauce made in the U.S. is using water, natural soybeans, natural liquor, salt, and koji (steamed rice with developed koji shape spores, a fixing likewise used to make purpose).

The imported soy sauce is using natural soybeans, ocean salt, water, natural liquor, natural soybean flour, and koji. You can purchase Eden Food sources soy sauces on the web and in a wide assortment of supermarkets. I have also written an article on Is Soy Sauce Keto? Facts to Know About it?

Kari-Out Gluten Free Soy Sauce Parcels

Kari-Out, an organization that has some expertise in do (get it?) bundling and fixings, offers low-sodium sans gluten soy sauce. Kari-Out’s leader, Paul Epstein, and his little girl, Lily, both have celiac illness. You can buy Kari-Out without gluten soy sauce parcels in mass at their site (450 all at once, or by the bucket), or you can search for them at your nearby Chinese eatery.

Wan Ja Shan Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Wan Ja Shan is in Taiwan, yet its items are in New York. The organization makes both normal and lower-sodium gluten-and-sans wheat tamari soy sauces, utilizing water, natural soybeans, salt, and (on account of the lower-sodium rendition) natural vinegar. 

The organization publicizes that it generally mixes its soy sauces, permitting them to mature for as long as one year before they’re packaged and promoted. Note that the without wheat form may not be “sans gluten.” You can find Wan Ja Shan soy sauces at Entire Food varieties, H.E.B., Harris Waver, Fledglings Ranchers Markets, and 99 Farm Markets, or buy them on the web.

Most Soy Sauces Contain Gluten

Is Gluten Free Soy Sauce Good For You?

Soy sauce is generally with wheat and soy, making the name “soy sauce” marginally deceptive.

The sauce is commonly by consolidating soy and squashed wheat and permitting the two to mature for a few days in pungent brackish water-containing mold societies.

In this way, most soy sauces contain gluten from wheat.

Notwithstanding, one assortment called tamari is frequently normally without gluten. While conventional Japanese tamari contains a modest quantity of wheat, most tamari delivered today is utilizing just matured soy.

Also, some soy sauces are with rice rather than wheat to oblige individuals with gluten-responsive qualities. Read more about Make Easy Soy Garlic Sauce Recipe.

How do Pick a Gluten Free Soy Sauce?

Most standard soy sauces contain gluten, while most tamari soy sauces are without gluten.

Nonetheless, you ought to constantly search for sans-gluten naming on the bundling.

The Food and Medication Organization (FDA) orders that a food named sans gluten contains less than 20 sections for each million (ppm) of gluten, a tiny sum that is probably not going to influence even the most seriously gluten-prejudiced individuals.

One more method for distinguishing sans-gluten soy sauce is to check the fixing list. Assuming it contains wheat, rye, grain, or any fixings produced using these grains, the item isn’t without gluten.

The following are a few assortments of sans-gluten soy sauce:

  • Kikkoman Sans gluten Soy Sauce
  • Kikkoman Tamari Soy Sauce
  • San-J Tamari Without gluten Soy Sauce
  • La Bonne Sans gluten Soy Sauce
  • Oshawa Tamari Soy Sauce

These are only a couple of the sans-gluten choices accessible. The most solid method for distinguishing without-gluten soy sauces is by checking for a without-gluten guarantee on the mark.

If you want to see more then watch this video.

Gluten Free Soy Sauce Elective

Moreover, coconut aminos are well known, normally without gluten option in contrast to soy sauce which can give a punch of exquisite flavor.

Coconut aminos are made by maturing coconut bloom sap with salt.

The outcome is a sauce that preferences strikingly like soy sauce yet is normally without gluten. It gets its name from the way that it contains a few amino acids, which are the structure blocks of protein.

Like tamari, coconut aminos are a strong sans-gluten soy sauce substitution and are accessible in specialty stores or on the web. Another on The Best Smith Baker Recipes.

Might You at Any Point Eat Soy Sauce Assuming You’re Without Gluten?

Is Gluten Free Soy Sauce Good For You?

On the off chance that you have Celiac sickness or a gluten narrow-mindedness, you ought to keep away from most kinds of soy sauce. Brands like Kikkoman or Market Storage Room soy sauce are made with wheat, meaning they are not sans gluten.

Be that as it may, you can securely consume tamari soy sauce, which is made without wheat.

You can likewise coconut aminos or fluid aminos as a gluten soy sauce elective. These sauces have an exquisite, pungent flavor that is equivalent to conventional soy sauce. They’re an ideal substitute for dishes like seared rice and sautéed food.

For What Reason Is There Wheat in Gluten Free Soy Sauce?

Since it is now so obviously there can be gluten in soy sauce, for what reason is it there? As per San-J, an 8-age soy sauce preparing organization, adding wheat to soy sauce was initially a Japanese custom that numerous Chinese soy sauces have embraced. To this end today, most soy sauce is fermented with wheat.

Normally, these soy sauces have a 50/50 proportion of soy and wheat. This gives a somewhat better flavor than more soy-based soy sauces like Tamari.

Discussing Tamari, frequently Tamari will be a more secure choice than soy sauce since it’s a for the most part soy-based sauce. However, while looking for Tamari, remain careful. Tamari can be made with limited quantities of wheat as well.

However, in Any Case, The Amount of Gluten?

We realize that wheat is frequently aged with soy, yet how much gluten is available? The response isn’t simple, as we have some exploration showing that even with wheat added to soy sauce, the gluten content of the age is < 5 ppm. Which would be viewed as celiac-safe. A speculate that this is because of the hydrolysis (or separating of proteins) which eliminates the gluten.

This may be like the idea of the gluten-eliminated brew being sans gluten. The cycle is comparative, where the gluten protein is separated so it’s viewed as without gluten.

Notwithstanding, like gluten-eliminated brews (find out about them here), we don’t have legitimate testing measures yet to confirm this security. What’s more, this is a limit this concentrate on the gluten content of soy sauce underscores.

So for the time being, my expert assessment of matured items are just safe for celiac sickness when refined or made with sans gluten fixings. That incorporates soy sauce. So no, don’t eat the soy sauce that has been made with wheat (basically not until we know more).

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Is Soy ok For Individuals With Celiac?

Before we enclose our discussion on gluten by soy sauce, I believe discussing the security of soy for individuals with celiac disease is significant. There is much of the time discussed soy has cross-responsive proteins with gluten.

Individuals suspect that the proteins of soybeans are so like gluten that they can set off a celiac response. Allow me to reassure you and guarantee you that there is no clinical evidence that cross-receptive proteins are a thing.

The main other food that might set off a celiac response other than gluten, is some oat proteins. Furthermore, this just happens in a tiny level of the celiac populace.

So indeed, soy is ok for individuals with celiac to eat. Except if the individual with celiac has a narrow-mindedness or sensitivity to it. As usual, on the off chance that you are uncertainly assuming soy is reasonable for you, talk about this with your dietitian.

Gluten Free Soy Sauce Fixings

  • 2 cups low-sodium hamburger stock
  • 2 teaspoons juice vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon molasses
  • 1⁄8 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1 scrambled dark pepper
  • 1 scrambled garlic powder
  • 1 scrambled onion powder

Gluten Free Soy Sauce Headings

Join all fixings in a little sauce skillet and bubble reveal until decreased to 1/2 cup.

Store in fridge.

Mix/Shake before utilizing.


Soy sauce is a pungent, umami-improving sauce that is well-known in Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian foods. While the maturation interaction of soy sauce may almost dispose of all the gluten proteins, it’s as yet a gamble to consume soy sauce blended with wheat. Browse sans-gluten soy sauce brands to guard yourself as could be expected.

Which soy sauce is sans gluten?

The main kind of soy sauce that is sans gluten is tamari soy sauce, which contains just soybeans, water, salt, and liquor.

Is soy sauce regular without gluten?

Regardless of its name, soy sauce isn’t made exclusively from soy much of the time. All things being equal, soy sauce is typically made with wheat, soybeans, salt, and water, and that implies most soy sauces contain gluten. In any case, some soy sauces are without gluten, making these assortments a choice regardless of whether you’re on a without-gluten diet.

Is soy sauce Acceptable for celiacs?

Standard soy sauce isn’t without gluten. Wheat is an essential fixing in soy sauce, which shocks many individuals who are new to the sans-gluten diet. There are a few without gluten soy sauce choices accessible that utilize rice rather than wheat.

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