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Three Ultimate Korean BBQ Dipping Sauce

by Khadija Tahir
Three Ultimate Korean BBQ Dipping Sauce

Do you like Korean bar-b-que? Furthermore, have you been everlastingly considering how to make that magnificent Korean BBQ dipping sauce that generally goes with your number one Korean bar-b-que meat at a Korean eatery? Then, at that point, youā€™ll be eager to be here today, since I will share my Korean bar-b-que plunging sauce.

Significantly I ought to say ā€œsaucesā€ instead as I will share the three most well-known and normal Korean BBQ dipping sauces, not only one!

While some Korean bar-b-que cafƩs could serve these three bar-b-que plunging sauces generally together simultaneously, I think specific sauce coordinates better with particular sorts of bar-b-que meat, very much like cheddar with wine matching.

So Iā€™ll do that matching position for you beneath also. I really want to believe that you have a magnificent Korean bar-b-que next time at home!

TheĀ Ultimate Korean BBQ Dipping SauceĀ #1

TheĀ Ultimate Korean BBQ Dipping SauceĀ #1

Korean Stew and Soybean Glue Sauce With Maple Syrup and Pistachio Nuts

In the Korean language, Ssamjang in a real sense implies plunging sauce (Jang) for your wrap (Sam), which normally includes barbecued Korean BBQ meat in lettuce, perilla, steamed cabbage, and so on.

You can likewise plunge cucumber or carrot sticks. While this plunging sauce could be fiery or non-zesty when Koreans say Ssamjang that implies hot plunging sauce.

Run-of-the-mill elements for Korean Ssamjang incorporate, Korean soybean glue (DoenJang), Korean stew glue (Gochujang), minced garlic, minced onion, slashed green onion, and sesame oil.

However, as you can peruse from my heading over, my recipe is, indeed, no common Korean Ssamjang. I chose to add maple syrup to give it more dampness and furthermore pleasantness (and diminish some hotness) and furthermore pistachio nuts to give some additional surface and exquisite flavor. Itā€™s simply great and healthy!

Iā€™ve generally utilized store-bought ssamjang in the past for accommodation reasons, yet presently I frequently make it at home. In addition to the fact that you control can the fixings and change the degree of fieriness and pleasantness, itā€™s likewise fresher and it doesnā€™t require a lot of investment to make at home. So check this out!

Update ā€“ I expounded on ssamjang in more detail in my most recent ssamjang article, so look at it to find out more. It remembers my ways to utilize non-Korean fixings, for example, Japanese miso glue and sriracha sauce.


2 Tbsp Korean soybean glue (DoenJang)
1 and 1/2 tsp Korean bean stew glue (Gochujang)
1 Tbsp sesame oil
3/8 tsp minced garlic
3/8 tsp minced onion
3/4 tsp simmered sesame seeds
3/4 tsp maple syrup
1 Tbsp coarsely slashed pistachio nuts ā€“ around 15 to 18 shelled pistachio nuts (You can utilize different nuts all things being equal assuming you like)


Blend the above fixings in a bowl together. Disseminate out to individual plunge serving plates on a case-by-case basis.

A DefinitiveĀ Korean BBQ Dipping SauceĀ #2

A DefinitiveĀ Korean BBQ Dipping SauceĀ #2

Sesame Oil, Salt, and Pepper Sauce

This sauce works out in a good way for barbecued mushrooms and barbecued non-marinated pork paunch (Samgyeopsal) or hamburger. Some inquire as to whether barbecued pork paunch as of now has sufficient fat all alone, for what reason do you plunge the pork in oil once more?

Clearly, itā€™s not the universally adored choice but rather my significant other loves this blend. This sauce has a less harsh and unobtrusive flavor than the Ssamjang sauce from a higher place so you can really taste the fundamental fixings (meat or mushroom) better. Furthermore, really I donā€™t think it tastes extra slick, rather itā€™s more appetizing.

Korean BBQ Dipping Sauce Fixings

1 tsp sesame oil
Squeeze (Somewhat under 1/8 tsp) of fine ocean salt
Squeeze (Somewhat under 1/8 tsp) of ground dark pepper


Add the above fixings to a serving plate straightforwardly. On the off chance that you want to serve more individuals, make them exclusively in a different plunge serving plate. (This is the manner by which my mum used to do it at her cafĆ©. You donā€™t blend a major bunch in a bowl.)

A DefinitiveĀ Korean BBQ Dipping SauceĀ #3

A DefinitiveĀ Korean BBQ Dipping SauceĀ #3

Wasabi and Soy Sauce

This sauce goes very well with scorched barbecued marinated pork or meat (Sutbul Galbi). I truly like it. Likely in light of the fact that I favor single barbecued bar-b-que over other meat and I generally have involved this sauce as a couple.

I normally dunk the single barbecued meat into this sauce and eat it all alone as opposed to placing it in a lettuce wrap. In the event that I really do make a lettuce wrap, in any case, I likewise add the Ssamjang sauce (from #1) to it. So itā€™s gone in for seconds.


1 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbsp water
2 tsp white sugar
1 tsp white vinegar
A slim cut of onion ā€“ to be included on a serving plate
A spot of wasabi glue (from a cylinder) ā€“ to be stuck on a serving plate


Blend the initial four fixings from above in a bowl. Mix until the sugar breaks down.

Disperse the sauce utilizing a spoon (1 Tbsp estimating spoon functions admirably) to a singular plunge serving plate on a case-by-case basis.

Add the cut onion to the sauce and wasabi glue on the plate.


In the event that you canā€™t find Korean soybean glue (DoenJang), you can utilize Japanese miso all things considered. They are unique however practically the same. I would agree, Japanese miso has a more gentle flavor and is less sharp.

Normally a Korean eatery would serve sauce #1 (Ssamjang) in a little bowl to share and sauce #2 (Sesame oil, salt, and pepper sauce) and #3 (Wasabi and soy sauce) separately to individuals. These sauces are normally topped off free of charge depending on the situation.

Your result may be marginally unique to mine contingent upon what sort of soybean glue and stew glue you use. Ensure they are standard renditions, not extremely zesty or made for soup or any such thing as mine depending on the standard adaptation.

What does Korean BBQ Sauce taste like?

Itā€™s a tacky sort of sauce that is both a piece sweet and fiery and similar to a teriyaki sauce.

How long does it keep?

Store Korean bar-b-que sauce in the cooler for as long as multi-week or freeze it for as long as multi-month.

What different purposes are there for Korean BBQ sauce than for barbecuing?

Use it for chicken wings, as a plunging sauce for dumplings, for dunking lettuce wraps, as a dressing for an Asian slaw, or as the sauce for an Asian combination pizza.
Individuals love to dunk side dish scallion hotcakes and braised pork tummy into Korean plunging sauce. These are only a couple of the flavorful ways of utilizing this flexible sauce.

What is Korean BBQ sauce called?

Ssamjang recipe is a Korean grill sauce. Itā€™s a straightforward, no-cook, plunging sauce that joins the exquisite punch of doenjang (matured Korean soybean glue) with the sweet intensity of gochujang (Korean stew glue).

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