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Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Nutrition Sauce Recipe

by Khadija Tahir
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Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Nutrition Sauce Recipe

Make this easy Taco bell Chicken Quesadilla nutrition recipe emphatically in the comfort of your own home. It is so normal to assemble and makes an ideal and straightforward weeknight dinner.

A luxury in our house is Taco bell, and I by and large get something like one chicken quesadilla. The Taco bell quesadilla sauce is thoroughly shocking, and what makes them totally overwhelming!

An extravagance in our home is Taco bell, and we generally get something like one chicken quesadilla. The Taco Ringer quesadilla sauce is also totally astounding, and what makes them absolutely overpowering!

However, I have some extraordinary news for you. The Taco bell Quesadilla is so natural to make at home. How about we start by making the sauce?

Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Nutrition Sauce Fixing

This straightforward sauce meets up with a couple of fixings that you most likely as of now have close by.

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise see note
  • 2 teaspoons pickled jalapeño juice
  • 3/4 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder

The Most Effective Method to Make Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Nutrition Sauce

Mince Some Cured Jalapeños

I have a natively constructed salted jalapeño recipe, however, you positively can get some. You will involve both the minced jalapeños and some pickling juice for this recipe.

Whisk Everything Together

In a little bowl combine one of the other elements for the sauce.

The Most Effective Method to Make a Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Nutrition

Heat The Skillet

Put a huge skillet over medium-low intensity.

Add The Sauce

Spread the Taco Chime Quesadilla Sauce over the tortilla shell.

Cook The Quesadilla

Splash the skillet with some cooking shower. Add the pre-arranged tortilla shell to the skillet, then top it with cheddar, chicken, and somewhat more cheddar. Top it with another tortilla shell.


Cook the quesadilla for 3 minutes on each side. I love to cook my quesadillas at low intensity.

Tips For The Ideal Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Nutrition

Purchase great cheddar. You will be multiple times more joyful with this quesadilla in the event that you shred your own cheddar. It is enticing to save time by purchasing pre-destroyed cheddar, yet cheddar that you shred yourself from the block softens vastly better.

Cook your quesadilla in a skillet you can cover with a top. You also need to cook it over low intensity and cover it between flipping it.

Match With

I have a few extraordinary recipes that will be wonderful with this chicken quesadilla recipe.

Blender Salsa: This main requires 10 minutes to make, and it is my tiniest’s #1.

Guacamole: I’m fixated on my mother’s straightforward and simple guac.

Pico de Gallo: This is my go-to for tacos and it’s ideal as an afterthought here as well.

Spanish Rice: Our rice recipe makes an extraordinarily simple side dish and the flavor is superb.

In the event that you make this astounding quesadilla recipe or any of my different recipes, kindly leave me a remark and let me in on your thought process!

Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla Nutrition Facts

  • Calories 497.3 kCal
  • Complete Carbs 37.2 g
  • Net Carbs 34.7 g
  • Fiber 2.6 g
  • Starch 27.3 g
  • Sugar 3.5 g
  • Sugar Alcohols 0 g

Is Quesadilla a Quality Food?

A quesadilla is a Tex-Mex dish that comprises a flour tortilla that is loaded up with different fixings, including cheddar, meat, and vegetables. The tortilla is then barbecued or seared. While quesadillas can be a quality food choice, it relies upon the fixings that are utilized.

In the event that quesadillas are made with entire wheat tortillas, lean protein, and a lot of vegetables, then they can be a solid and nutritious dinner.

Notwithstanding, assuming quesadillas are made with white flour tortillas, handled cheddar, and greasy meats, then they can be unfortunate and high in calories. It is essential to pick sound fixings while making quesadillas, to make them a nutritious and fulfilling feast.

There is a wide range of fixings. It’s made with tortillas, a customary Mexican staple that is often contrasted with bread. Specific kinds of cheddar, like mozzarella, blue cheddar, tofu, etc, may assist you with getting more fit. The kind of cheddar utilized in your quesadillas will decide if they are really great for you.

In the event that you make your quesadillas consistently, I suggest investigating replacing your oil. Regardless of the way that olive oil is costly, it is a profoundly nutritious oil. There is no proof to propose that chicken tortillas are unfortunate.

Are Natively Constructed Quesadillas Sound Healthy

There is nobody conclusive response to this inquiry as it relies upon various variables, including the fixings utilized and how the quesadillas are ready. In any case, as a general rule, quesadillas made at home are probably going to be more grounded than those bought from an eatery or cheap food chain.

As they can be custom fitted to incorporate better fixings and can be cooked in a better manner. For instance, utilizing entire wheat tortillas, lean protein sources, and a lot of new vegetables can make hand-crafted quesadillas a nutritious and fulfilling dinner.

It’s an extraordinary method for beginning your day on the off chance that you eat quesadillas. This recipe incorporates two SmartCarb units, one PowerFuel unit, and over two vegetables as a component of the Nutrisystem program. This customary recipe will hold you back from losing any fat or flavor by utilizing low-fat destroyed cheddar.

This delectable supper quesadilla contains three PowerFuels, one SmartCarb, one Vegetable, and one ExtraFuel, every one of which has 304 calories. A recipe for Kale, Semi-delicate Goat Cheddar, Cherry Tomatoes, and caramelized Vidalia or yellow onions has been made.

You can without much of a stretch substitute spinach, broccoli, or even destroyed Brussels sprouts on the off chance that you need them.

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