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The Best Oreo Milk Tea: Nutritions & Benefits

by Gul e Zainab
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best Oero milk tea

Check out the Oreo Milk Tea Benefits, Nutrition Facts Plus Recipe for Orea Milk Tea.

Oreo Milk Tea

This drink is created with Gong Cha black tea leaves, milk, cocoa powder, and smashed-up Oreo cookies. This beverage tastes like a cross between iced tea as well as an Oreo milkshake.

A milky beverage with a black tea base is called Oreo milk tea or Oreo bubble tea.

It has the texture of milk tea and the flavor of an Oreo milkshake.

Oreo milk tea frequently contains tapioca pearls since it is a well-liked flavor at boba tea joints and franchises including Gong Cha, Kung Fu Tea, Infinitea, or Sharetea. Of course, you may alter milk tea to your preferences when you prepare it at home.

I Dipped Oreos in Five Different Types of Milk to see Which one Tasted the Best

Allowing several varieties of milk to choose whether Oreos are their favorite cookie.

We’re all aware that Oreos are milk’s favorite cookie (since what’s on the package is always true). For most of us, the largest distinction between milk is if they are 2%, whole, fat-free, or even skim. There isn’t much diversity in flavor.

So we dip them in plain old milk and carry on with our day, never thinking about how diverse the term milk actually is. I decided to gather a group of friends and conduct a small experiment to see whether we were losing out on any amazing taste chances.

The Investigation

It’s not funny to drink milk and eat cookies. This is a significant advancement in the scientific world, in my opinion. I attracted my two pals Casey and Nick using promises of plenty of cookies, and we all got down to figure out what was going on

How about dipping Oreos in chocolate milk, coconut cream, vanilla milk, almond milk, or even strawberry milk?

We constructed our control group in the pure spirit of science: whole milk (the dairy we all thought we were most inclined to consume) and Oreos. We gained an understanding of what makes dipping Oreos in dairy a such craze.

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The milk produced a pleasing cool and creamy flavor and a beautiful, fluffy texture that was tender but yet kind of crunchy, according to the overall view.

The Suggestion

We were told that we needed to respond to two questions. So, Which of the five varieties of milk worked best with the cookie, or which did not? Casey recommended chocolate milk (which I agreed with). reasoning that the taste would transfer beautifully into the cream “and you cannot have too much chocolate.”

Therefore, Nick reasoned that adding coconut or vanilla will enhance the flavor. We all agreed that the coconut was the most intriguing (Nick because he likes to produce, Casey because he’d never eaten it. and myself because I felt it was the strangest).

So, When it came to deciding which was the worst. Casey believed the coconut may be too strange, and Nick chose almond since he’s never liked it on its own. Furthermore, Personally, I preferred the strawberry flavor because the fake fruit flavor is difficult to digest on its own.

The Examination

Here I test different oreo milk tea drinks

Chocolate Milk: TruMoo

Despite using Nesquik milk for the vanilla or strawberry, I had to use TruMoo. TruMoo has a lovely, frothy flavor that reminds me of the various chocolate bowls of milk available. I was intrigued since chocolate is my favorite way to drink milk (and most days, the only method I drink it).

Overall, we had a great time. It presented a creamy, chocolaty flavor to me. It was like drinking a cookie & cream milkshake. Casey believed it brought a new flavor to the combination, more chocolate to the already chocolaty biscuit.

Nick believed that the chocolate was canceling out the cream and that he wasn’t receiving as strong a flavor as Casey or I did.

Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Therefore, your only food options when stuck on a remote island are major crops and (for some purpose) Oreos. Do you dare immerse the Oreos in the milk and maybe jeopardize your rations? Want to Know About Coconut Milky, its Health Benefits, and Uses

Since it’s difficult to store coconut milk without chemicals, I won’t claim that this tastes exactly like the milk in that situation, but I did make sure to get unsweetened coconut milk. The thicker viscosity of this sort of milk compared to cow milk is the first item you’ll notice.

Check out this video where he evaluates unsweetened coconut milk and gives his thoughts on it. He also demonstrates how to read the nutrition information on a package.

I considered the flavor to be subdued when combined with the Oreo. I could tell it wasn’t milk, but I didn’t exactly taste the coconut. Casey said he liked it enough to remark, “If I were vegan, I would utilize this milk for dipping,” despite the fact that it didn’t give the cookie that pleasant smoothness.

I had already taken a mouthful and was muttering something delicious. Therefore I  first believed that the milk gave the cookie sweetness. Then we all had our first taste of coconut milk. However,  I resolved never to go through that again. You can surely acquire the milk you need to thrive by using the Oreos as a transport.

Original Almondmilk by Almond Breeze

Say you are a vegetarian and don’t like coconut milk.  Oreos are also edible for vegans! But with what? (Unless they’re finicky) Almond milk, I would say, but Casey would vehemently disagree.

I found the event to be really enjoyable. It was like a continuous stream of many flavors: at first one that tasted like peanut butter, then a little saltiness, then a lovely nutty flavor.

Casey was utterly repulsed and claimed that shortly after eating it, he had a foul taste I feel it is scientifically essential for me to check out that Casey is not a lover of peanut butter.

In this video, The almond milk brand Almond Breeze is the sponsor of this video. My favorite post-workout smoothie is this one because it expertly combines healthy components with mouthwatering tastes.

As they urge the US volleyball team to start serving their best, Almond Breeze and I have partnered to bring you this recipe! What do you like to do to get yourself going again after working out?

Nick represented more of a compromise. He saw how fast the milk melted, not just the portion he dipped, but the full cookie as well. At first, he thought the milk itself seemed more watery and a little off-putting.

Overall, he claimed that the flavor permeated the cookie more than with other milk, giving it a faint almond flavor and that he didn’t dislike it but found it to be far too messy.

Final Results

We all agreed that it was necessary to determine the best and the worst kinds of milk for Oreos after indulging in a few more Oreos.

The Suitable:

It was the vanilla milk for Casey. He loved how it brought out the cream core. Furthermore, He felt it tasted nice and did a wonderful job of soaking through into biscuits. He would also like to consume the milk itself afterward, which was another benefit.

The almond milk and the chocolate were a tie for my favorites. The benefits and drawbacks of both milk kinds are equivalent. Even though the chocolate milk gave off a nice milkshake flavor.

I thought I could become tired of it after eating one or two cookies. Although I truly liked the almond milk’s nutty flavor, I wouldn’t want to drink it again. None of them, in Nick’s opinion, offered him the same cookie-eating sensation as ordinary milk.

What’s Worst:

The strawberry milk was without a doubt my least favorite flavor since it tasted manufactured and was far too strong. By Nick “I didn’t find any of the tastes offensive.

However, if I needed to choose one as my least favorite, it would be strawberry. It wasn’t terrible; it was simply an unusual sensation.” He said that he wouldn’t choose the coconut and almond if he had to consume the milk afterward.

The almond milk-dipped cookie that was still on the table in front of Casey was unfinished, and he claimed that this really “did not provide any flavor other than a background sense of ennui.”

Therefore, the next time you purchase a packet of Oreos, think of combining it with unique milk. There is undoubtedly a lot still to test out! And I can promise you that the flavor of science combined with cookies is perhaps the greatest.

How Delicious is Oreo Milk Tea?

It has a satisfyingly creamy, sweet flavor. The type of tea and milk you use will affect how it tastes. Green tea is somewhat more fragrant and mellow, while black tea will offer a stronger flavor.

Nutrition Information for Oreo Milk Tea

  • 355 calories
  • 0 mg of vitamin C
  • 13g of total fat
  • 0 mg of cholesterol
  • 126 milligrams of sodium
  • 59g of carbohydrates
  • 1g of fiber
  • 40g of sugar

Homemade Recipe of Oreo Milk Tea

Make a delicious Oreo milk tea at home with this simple 5-ingredient recipe.

If you enjoy the flavor of Oreo, you’ll adore this simple recipe for Oreo milk tea.

You’ll be sipping on a lovely cup of Oreo milk tea in no time if you just follow these easy steps! (and possibly with fewer calories than milk tea from the supermarket).

In this video, there is a recipe for making our milk tea. This recipe makes two servings of Oreo Milk Tea.

Why Make this Oreo Milk Tea?

Quick :

There is absolutely no extra equipment required to make Oreo milk tea at home. The Oreo cookies don’t even need to be crushed!

Suitable :

Like any beverage you prepare at home, you will pick the tea you like best and the amount of sweetness and creaminess you desire.
Additionally, you can modify it to be vegan and even keto-friendly (more variations below).


A typical 16-ounce glass of Oreo milk tea from the boba cafe may cost between $4 and $7. You can make it for a lot less money at home. Additionally, you’ll avoid standing in line!

What is Necessary to Prepare Oreo Milk Tea?

You simply need the following to prepare this tasty beverage:

  1. Strong tea (optional)
  2. Sweetener or sugar (optional)
  3. Oreo biscuits
  4. Taffy pearls (optional)

Step-by-step Guidelines

You only need to prepare the tea, add the remaining ingredients, and then enjoy making this delectable drink.

Make the Tea:

  • Tea bags should be steeped in recently boiled water for around three minutes.
  • Use around one teaspoon of loose-leaf tea and allow it to steep for 4 minutes if using this method.
  • Remove the tea bag and sieve the tea when the specified steeping time is over, then leave the tea aside to totally cool.
  • If you’d like, you can choose to sweeten the tea.

Get the Tapioca Pearls Ready:

  • Cook boba as directed on the box.
  • When utilizing rapid cooking pearls, the tapioca is typically added to boiling water and cooked for 3 minutes or until it floats to the top.
  • Rinse and drain.
  • Add some honey, agave syrup, or simple syrup to sweeten them and keep them from clinging to one another.

Get the Oreo Soft:

  • Just add the cookies to the milk and let them sit for a few minutes until they disintegrate.
  • Either way is great; it’s just a matter of preference whether you want to remove the cream layer.
  • When the cream is removed, the dissolving process goes much more quickly; if you use the entire cookie, it could take a bit longer and require a little stirring to better dissolve the cream.
  • It is recommended to leave the cream in if you like a smoother texture; however, leaving the cream in makes the smoothie sweeter (so you might need less sugar or avoid it completely).


  • It’s time to put everything together once the tea has cooled and the biscuits have dissolved.
  • Put the tea in the glass first, then the tapioca pearls (optional), and then the Oreo milk.
  • If you’d like, you may add whipped cream, cheese foam, or crumbled Oreos to the top of your Oreo milk tea.


In this blog, I give a delicious and simple recipe for oero milk tea, as well as test the oero with various kinds of milk and report the great outcomes. I tried this recipe with my friends and then shared my thoughts with you.

Gong Cha black tea leaves, milk, chocolate powder, and smashed-up Oreo cookies are used to make this drink. This drink tastes like a combination of iced tea and an oreo milkshake.

It’s not amusing to drink milk while eating cookies. In my perspective, this is a big achievement in the scientific world. I enticed my two friends Casey and Nick with promises of numerous cookies, and we all set about figuring out what was going on.

We were instructed that we had to answer two questions. So, one of the five kinds of milk worked best with the cookie, and which didn’t? We all agreed that it was necessary to determine the best and the worst kinds of milk for Oreos after indulging in a few more Oreos.

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How Delicious is Oreo Milk Tea?

It has a satisfyingly creamy, sweet flavor. The type of tea and milk you use will affect how it tastes. Green tea is somewhat more fragrant and mellow, while black tea will offer a stronger flavor.

What is Necessary to Prepare Oreo Milk Tea?

You simply need the following to prepare this tasty beverage:
Strong tea (optional)
Sweetener or sugar (optional)
Oreo biscuits
Taffy pearls (optional)

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