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The Amazing Post Raisin Bran

by Amna Munir

Post raisin bran cereal is a breakfast cereal classic served by post since 1942, that is both nourishing as well as delicious. You will feel good about beginning your day when you make yourself a bowl of heart-healthy cereal. Raisin Bran cereal is a fantastic source of fiber due to the sweetness of hundreds of Sun-Maid’s raisins in every box as well as 26g of whole grain per serving.

Check out the list of ingredients as well as nutrition statistics for post-raisin bran cereal below. Even though several factors influence heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may lower the risk. Post-raisin bran cereal tastes great both inside and outside of a bowl of breakfast. See some of our most popular dessert recipes using raisin bran cereal below:

  • Bright cranberry nut bread
  • Bran cookies with fruit and nuts
  • Apple cereal muffins with raisins

Post raisin bran cereal is how delightful days begin, with the sweetness of hundreds of Sun-Maid raisins in every box. Whole grain goodness is positively crammed into filling cereal. Pour a bowl of this satisfying mixture of flavor as well as nutrients for you and your entire family.

With this delicious whole grain wheat and bran cereal for breakfast, breakfast is the best meal of the day. High fructose corn syrup is not present in post-raisin bran. Each box is packed to the brim with sun-maid California raisins. The 12 necessary vitamins and minerals can be found in great amounts in post-raisin bran. This sugary cereal has a Kosher certification.

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Nutritional Information

Whole grain wheat as well as bran cereal that is kosher and made with the richness of 100% Sun-Maid natural California raisins. Along with this, these raisins are an excellent source of fiber or 8g per serving, whole grains or 22g per serving as well as other essential nutrients.

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Ingredients for Post Raisin Bran

  • Whole grain wheat
  • Raisins, wheat bran, sugar as well as wheat flour
  • Malted barley flour, salt, vitamins as well as minerals
  • Vitamin B1, folic Acid, vitamin B12 as well as vitamin D
  • Reduced iron, niacinamide, and zinc oxide although the source of zinc
  • Vitamin B6, vitamin A palmitate, riboflavin vitamin B2 as well as thiamin mononitrate

Nature’s Path Flax Plus Raisin Bran


This particular type is an excellent substitute for the classic Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, even though dried fruit-based cereals may not be the healthiest cold cereals to consume which have tons of sugar or 18g per serving.

Along with this, it contains healthful fats from the flax seeds as well as being rich in fiber. Only 4.8 grams of added sugar or 10.4 grams of total sugar are present in each cup of nature’s path variation.


  • Organic whole wheat meal
  • Organic raisins coated with organic sunflower oil
  • Organic wheat bran, organic cane sugar as well as organic flax seeds
  • Organic oat bran, organic barley malt extract, sea salt as well as tocopherols vitamin E

Simple Apple Pie Mix Post Raisin Bran Recipe

Boost the taste as well as the texture of your homemade trail. With just four basic ingredients, including amazing Malt-o-meal cinnamon toasters cereal, you can whip up this easy apple pie trail mix recipe in five minutes. Serve at your holiday gathering as well as give as a festive present to friends, family, as well as neighbors.

Prep TimeServings
5 minutes6


  • 1 cup of chopped walnuts
  • 1 cup of freeze-dried apples
  • 2 cups of Malt-o-meal cinnamon toasters cereal
  • ½ cup of white chocolate chips as well as could also use cinnamon along with butterscotch chips instead


  • Toss the malt-o-meal cinnamon toasters cereal with the remaining ingredients in a mixing dish to blend
  • Place in an airtight jar as well as keep at room temperature for up to 5 days
  • After that enjoy

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Health Benefits of Post Raisin Bran

  • Natural and non-GMO
  • Affordable as well as high in fiber
  • Added wholesome omega-3 fatty acids
  • The healthiest raisin bran cereal option is one that is lower in sugar than other raisin bran cereals

Post raisin bran is undoubtedly a well-liked cereal, but the Kellogg’s as well as post-produced varieties that are most widely available are sadly unhealthy. Because there are so many raisins in the cereal, despite the name raisin bran making it sound healthful, the cereal is very high in sugar as well as calories.

Since raisins lack the water that their fresh fruit equivalents do, dried fruit is generally higher in sugar than its fresh fruit counterparts. Post’s Raisin Bran cereal has 210 calories and 20 grams of sugar per serving 1.25 cups. The equivalent of one cup of Kellogg’s contains 190 calories and 17 grams of sugar, which is not much better.

That’s almost as much sugar as a regular-sized snickers bar as well as a can of Coke. Try nature’s path flax plus raisin bran as an alternative for a nutritious raisin bran-like cereal. Post Raisin Bran is usually suggested as a quick, delicious, as well as healthy breakfast option.

Post Raisin bran is produced by several companies, as well as its common ingredients include bran flakes, raisins, sweeteners, salt, tastes, as well as other vitamins and minerals. Many people assume that post-raisin bran is a healthy breakfast cereal because the word bran is frequently linked to foods that are good for you, but you might wonder if this is the case.

This article examines the nutritional profile, potential advantages, as well as drawbacks of raisin bran to determine if it is a healthy cereal option.

Post Raisin Bran Rich in Fiber

One serving of post-raisin bran cereal, which largely contains wheat as well as bran, can satisfy around one-sixth of those needs. The health of your digestive system depends on getting enough fiber. Along with this, it encourages intestinal regularity as well as guards against colon cancer.

Fiber keeps you fuller for longer and may lessen the severity of blood sugar swings between meals. However, if you are trying to reduce weight as well as avoid gaining extra weight, feeling full might also assist you to avoid overeating. Getting enough fiber may also lower your risk of developing chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, as well as others.

Post Raisin Bran Reliable Source of Micronutrients

Post Raisin bran is a wonderful source of many different vital vitamins and minerals in a 1-cup or 60-gram meal.
Many of these micronutrients are included through the process of fortification, which involves adding vitamins as well as minerals that are not naturally present in food to the finished product to increase its nutritional value.

This is advantageous because many Americans don’t get enough calcium, and iron, as well as vitamins A, C, D, and E in their diets. Cereals that have been fortified are a quick and efficient technique to enhance the consumption of micronutrients.



With raisins as well as bran flakes, Post Raisin Bran is a very well cereal that frequently gives the impression of being a healthy breakfast option. Post-raisin bran is a wonderful source of fiber as well as vital micronutrients like iron and folate, but it also frequently contains a lot of added sugar.

Since 1942, Post has been serving the wholesome and scrumptious Post raisin bran cereal as part of its breakfast offerings. When you make yourself a bowl of heart-healthy cereal to start your day, you will feel good about it. 

With the sweetness of hundreds of Sun-Maid raisins in every box, the best days start with Post raisin bran cereal. Filling cereal contains a huge amount of whole-grain goodness. Pour yourself as well as your entire family a bowl of this satiating concoction of flavor and nutrients.

Along with this, one serving of raisin bran can make up close to half of the daily recommended limit for sugar. Post raisin bran is therefore best used as an occasional breakfast alternative rather than a consistent one.

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