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The Perfect Snack: All About Almond in the Shell

by Amna Munir
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The Perfect Snack: All About Almond in the Shell

Hey there! The famous nut is known as the almond in shell love by the fans throughout. They make a terrific snack and can use as an ingredient in many different dishes because they are tasty, healthy, as well as adaptable.

Yet, since almonds are typically seen already shelled, it can be challenging to see them in their unprocessed state. We’ll examine almonds in their shells in more detail and then go over all the information you require in this article.

How Do Almonds in Shell Work?

Simply put, almond in shell in their hard outer shell are what are known as “almonds in the shell.” The nut encloses in a shell that serves as protection.

So, without the proper equipment, it might be challenging to crack open. Online shops, farmer’s markets, as well as specialized food stores frequently offer bulk purchases of almonds in the shell.

Why Choose Shelled Almonds?

Almonds in their shell are preferable to almond in shell that shell for a few reasons. First off, because the shell shields the nut from oxygen and water, almonds in the shell last longer than almonds that have been shelled.

As a result, they can keep for longer periods and are not as prone to develop rancidly. Also, cracking open almonds inside the shell can be enjoyable as well as fulfilling, especially for kids.

How to Remove the Shell from an Almond

Without the proper equipment, cracking open almonds in their shell can be difficult but not impossible. These are some ways you can use them:

An instrument specifically made to crack open nuts is a nutcracker. Place the almond in its shell between the nutcracker’s two arms, then squeeze till the shell splits.

Pliers: If a nutcracker is not available, pliers might use in its place. Grab the almond by the shell with the pliers as well as squeeze until the shell splits open.

How to Roast Almonds in Their Shells

Almonds in their shell can roast to enhance their natural flavor as well as add crunch. Here is how you do it:

  • Set the oven to 350 °F
  • On a baking sheet, distribute the almonds in their shells in a single layer
  • The almonds should roast for 10 to 12 minutes, or until the nuts are fragrant as well as the shells are just beginning to brown
  • Almonds should take out of the oven to cool
  • Open the almond in shell once they have cooled to savor the toasted almonds inside

How to Store Almonds in Shell

Since the almond in shell shields the nut from moisture and air, almonds in their shells have a longer shelf life than almonds that have been shelled. To guarantee that they stay fresh, this is still important to keep them carefully. These are some suggestions for keeping almonds in their shell fresh:

Almonds in their shell should keep in a cool, dry location, such as a pantry as well or a cupboard. Prevent moisture: Almonds in their shells should not expose to any source of moisture as this might cause them to go rancid.

Store almonds in their shells in an airtight container, such as a mason jar as well a plastic container, to further preserve them from the elements.

I have written one more article on it.

Almond in Shell Pros

  • Almonds in their shells have a longer shelf life than almonds that have been shelled because the shell shields the nut from both air and moisture
  • As a result, they may store for extended periods and are less prone to develop rancidly
  • Delightful activity: For kids, especially, cracking open almonds inside the shell may be a lot of fun. It could also be a fantastic way to unwind as well as chill
  • Cost-effective: For people who eat almonds frequently, almonds in the shell are frequently less expensive than shelled almonds

Almond in Shell Cons

  • Time-consuming: If you are lacking the correct tools, cracking open almonds in their shell can take a lot of time. They may become less useful for fast snacks or meals as a result
  • Waste: Because the shells of unshelled almonds must discard, unshelled almonds produce more waste than shelled almonds. Those who care about the environment might find this concerning
  • Injury risk: If almond in shell do not crack open carefully, it could be fatal. If too much power uses to try to break through the hard shell, it becomes the cause of injury


In conclusion, there are several ways to enjoy almonds in their natural shell, which are delicious and healthy snacks. There are many reasons to try almonds in the shell, whether you like them roasted, or used in dishes.

And simply as a delicious snack to crack open. Thus, think about purchasing a bag the next time you’re just at the grocery store as well as a farmer’s market and giving it a try.


Can almonds roast in their shell?

Almonds in their shells can roast. Almonds can easily spread out in a single layer on such a baking sheet as well as baked at 350°F for 10 to 12 minutes, or until aromatic and lightly browned. Open the shells once they have cooled to savor the toasted almonds inside.

Are almonds in shell more nutritious than shelled almonds?

No, almonds with and without shells are equally nutritious. The nutrient content of almonds un affects by the shell’s presence as well as removal.

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