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How to Make Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding?

by Khadija Tahir
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How to Make Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding?

Locally acquired Kozy shack vanilla pudding can never measure up to the one you make at home, regardless of whether it’s Kozy Shack.

This is definitively why we’ve chosen to attempt to put our own form of this on the map rice pudding at home and prepare to have your mind blown. It turned out considerably creamier and more delightful!

In the event that you seriously love Kozy shack vanilla pudding, I am certain you’ll have this recipe bookmarked after whenever you first attempt it.

It is loaded with velvety, sweet, smooth flavors, yet not excessively sweet, which makes it simply the ideal rice dessert.

How to Make Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding?

How to Make Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding?

While this recipe doesn’t need numerous fixings and the most common way of making it is very straightforward, it tends to be some degree time-consume.

To accomplish that rice pudding-rich consistency, you should cook this pudding for 60 minutes. In any case, we guarantee it merits each and every moment!

A significant component while making this rice pudding is mixing. In the event that you’re not blending the combination often, you will wind up with a soft, rubbery consistency since the rice will stay together.

Likewise, while it is prescribed to wash the rice ahead of time while you’re making your carefully prepared rice or risotto, you ought to avoid this step for this recipe.

The rice is usually washed to dispose of the overabundance of starch, yet the starch isn’t the foe with regards to this Kozy shack vanilla pudding recipe. In reality, the bland part gives that thick pudding consistency you need.

Moving along, how about we get into every one of the fixings, as well as the guidelines for this rice pudding recipe?

Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding Fixings

1 cup Arborio rice
Entire milk
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 enormous eggs
2 tbsp unsalted margarine
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup weighty cream
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding Directions

Stage 1

Set up an uncompromising pot and add the entire milk, Arborio rice, and sugar.

Mix the combination well to join every one of the fixings.

Stage 2

Whenever you’ve consolidated the milk, rice, and sugar, the time has come to mix in the vanilla and spread.

Mix every one of the fixings together, and place the pot over medium-high intensity. Whenever it has arrived at a bubble, diminish the intensity.

Stage 3

Let the rice pudding blend stew on low and make sure to leave the pan revealed.

Blending the rice pudding each 10-15 minutes to keep the rice from staying together or burning is important.

Stage 4

Allow the pudding to cook on low for 60 minutes, blending it each 10-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, set up the egg blend by whisking two enormous eggs in a bowl. Following an hour of cooking, eliminate the pot from the intensity, and add one cup of the pudding combination to the egg blend.

This interaction will treat the eggs, which will keep the eggs from cooking inside the pudding, making the surface rubbery.

Stage 5

Whenever you’ve consolidated the eggs and one cup of the pudding combination in a blending bowl, gradually empty this combination into the rice pudding, trying to continually mix.

When every one of the fixings is joined, include the weighty cream, and give the pudding a decent mix.

Stage 6

Move your natively constructed rice pudding to a ceramic baking dish, and afterward, sprinkle a few cinnamons on top for both fragrance and trimming.

The hardest part is most certainly trusting that the pudding will chill off and accomplish the ideal consistency for three hours, yet we energetically suggest not avoiding this step!

Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding Fixing Replacements

Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding Fixing Replacements

Will the outcomes be similar regardless of whether you change around a portion of the elements of this copycat Kozy shack vanilla pudding recipe?

While I prescribe adhering to the first fixing list, here are the absolute best replacements.

Diminished Fat Milk

Accomplishing the rich, thick pudding consistency with decreased fat milk is as yet conceivable.

As I’ve referenced, the mystery behind the richness of this rice pudding is in the actual rice, so you don’t need to stress a lot over the sort of milk you’ll utilize.

Entire milk will, as a matter of fact, add to the general consistency of the pudding while likewise adding that conspicuous smooth fragrance.

Nonetheless, the recipe will in any case work in the event that you trade entire milk for diminished fat milk for a superior nourishment profile. You can read more about Instant Pudding With Almond Milk: What Makes it Popular.

Japanese Short-Grain Rice

The best substitute for Arborio rice is absolutely Japanese short-grain rice, which is in many cases utilized in pastries, as well as rice pudding.

Both Arborio and Japanese short-grain rice have an extremely tacky surface, and they’re likewise not quite as dry as lengthy-grain rice types like jasmine and basmati.

However long you stay in the short-grain classification, you will accomplish that one-of-a-kind Kozy shack vanilla pudding rich, smooth consistency.

Rum Concentrate

In the event that the additional cinnamon isn’t enough for you with regards to accomplishing a predominant fragrance in your rice pudding, supplanting vanilla concentrate with rum concentrate (or consolidating the two) will surely give you the ideal outcome.

Rum concentrate is a great method for developing caramelized, hot, nutty flavors without doing the caramelization.

It is likewise an extremely simple yet viable strategy for making a difference in flavors in your smooth, sweet rice pudding.

Vanilla Sugar

On the off chance that, then again, you might want to upgrade the vanilla flavor and smell, go ahead and supplant granulated white sugar with vanilla sugar.

Joined with vanilla concentrate, vanilla sugar will complement the warm, sweet, marginally fruity vanilla smell in this rice pudding recipe.

What to Present With Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding?

What to Present With Kozy Shack Vanilla Pudding?

With regards to a completely velvety, delightful hand-crafted dessert, this Kozy shack vanilla pudding produced using scratch requires no extra fixings or garnishes.

Notwithstanding, nothing bad can be said about improving the flavors in some way you see fit. These are our top proposals.


Chocolate is the most ideal way to add a smidgen of difference to your sweet with regard to both the variety and the flavor.

Assuming you track down these smooth, sweet flavors to be excessively straightforward for your taste, you can constantly add ground or dissolved chocolate on top to add more profundity and sharpness.

You can likewise utilize chocolate syrup, chocolate morsels, or any sort of chocolate fixing you like.

New Organic Product

Just cut up your number one natural product, whether it be strawberries, blueberries, bananas, or apples, and organize it on top of the rice pudding. Then, at that point, sprinkle more cinnamon on top to improve the fragrance.

A new natural product will add an invigorating, fruity, marginally acidic note that will light up this pastry.

Frozen Yogurt

Whether you serve it on top of the rice pudding or as an afterthought, frozen yogurt will make a lovely difference in flavors and surfaces.

You can pick any flavor you like, however, vanilla frozen yogurt is the most secure decision with regard to this flavor profile.


  • 1 earthenware dish
  • 1 uncompromising pot
  • 1 blending bowl
  • 1 whisk
How to Store Kozy shack vanilla pudding?

In the event that you have some extra rice pudding, you can securely store it either in the refrigerator or the cooler, contingent upon when you intend to appreciate it once more.
In the two cases, it is important to permit the pudding to chill off totally, as freezing or refrigerating warm pudding will totally adjust its surface.
Since it is now prescribed to let the rice pudding rest for three hours prior to serving it, putting away the pudding after that cool-down period is totally OK.
Store in the cooler:
In the event that you’re putting away the rice pudding in the fired dish you initially served it in, you should simply cover it with a piece of cling wrap, ensuring there are no air pockets.
You can likewise move the ideal measure of pudding into an impenetrable holder and seal it with a cover.
Place the pudding in the refrigerator and ensure you go through it for 4-5 days.
Store in the Freezer:
On the off chance that you anticipate freezing the extra rice pudding, it is important to move it to a cooler safe impenetrable holder and ensure it is appropriately fixed with a cover.
Save the pudding in the cooler for right around 90 days.
You can likewise partition the extra pudding into little clusters, which you can freeze independently and take out while you’re longing for hand-crafted rice pudding.

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