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Red Quinoa: The Superfood You’ve Been Missing Out On

by Gul e Zainab
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Red Quinoa: The Superfood You've Been Missing Out On

Uh-oh, I have done all the home chores (Wait- What do I have to cook for today) *I whisper to myself* Meanwhile I sit on my chair & start scrolling Instagram Looking at the picture of food (my mouth starts to water as I stare at picture and imaging the taste and texture of food!) And then! my son come screaming I want Red quinoa Right Nowwww!!!!!!!

He starts insisting on me I can sense the sadness in his and as well as urgency in his tone -Sigh! Moaning Inside 🙁 Because I know I have to act fast Ugh!!! to avoid the emotional breakdown Oppps- daisyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Alright! I started checking the red quinoa and couldn’t find it Alas! Therefore, I said to my son “Dear we don’t have any red quinoa in our house right now”

He makes a puppy face saying “You know Red quinoa is my favorite food” Can’t you do any magic and make the dish immediately (I just laugh shaking my head I wish I have this Power!). I know many ladies who are reading this blog and our son-mother story, too many mothers going to relate to themselves. LoL! Lemme know in the comment box.

However, You know what the good news is? I usually make sure, while reading a blog on any topic to make this recipe with you all. So it seems like teamwork. Plus also check my other article written on Easy and Delicious Quinoa Bowl Recipe for Busy Weeknights

Then What do you think? Can we Start Making our Dish?

Let’s jump in Ladies! To make our day wonderful 🙂

A Rainbow of Colorful Ingredients: Making My Son’s Red Quinoa a Feast for the Eyes and the Taste Buds

Yeet!! C’mon Got to the market and buy some items of our today’s dish “Red Quinoa” (I need to buy everything on the list in a limited time OH GOD! ). Hence I take up all the items I needed. Therefore for your help, I am writing down the grocery list Let’s get started

What to Buy

  • The first and most important ingredient is “Red quinoa”
  • Water (You can select the quantity as much you think)
  • Some Vegetables like onions, and bell peppers
  • Black beans and chickpeas as well
  • Cumin
  • Garlic
  • Paprika
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt
  • Pepper

That’s it These are all the ingredients you need to cook your red quinoa dish (Got it?)

Check out this video for red quinoa.

A Mother’s Love on a Plate: Fulfilling My Son’s Cravings (Let’s kick things off!)

Let’s get cooked together and make things happen! I know we can do this!

I’ll show you step by step, Let’s Commence the Meal

  • Well, I quickly grab the red quinoa from the table, Let me explain you pick up the red quinoa and wash it properly as I do mine
  • Pour some water into a rice cooker and red quinoa (Do you understand What I mean to say?)
  • Just cook the red quinoa for 15 to 20 minutes on a medium flame. (Are you Tracking with me so far?)
  • We need to act fast! Do you know what we have to do next? What’s our next step? Bingo! Take the large skillet and on very medium heat cook the bell pepper and onions. Until they get soft and light brown in color (I hope I’m making myself clear!)
  • Then again! Add black beans, chickpeas, garlic, and paprika then Saute it for 5 minutes (Lemme know If you have any questions or if I need to clarify)
  • Yikes! Our dish is almost ready. Pick up the bowl pour the quinoa & all the sauteed vegetables, then squeeze some lemon juice plus sprinkle some salt and pepper to add flavor to our magical dish That’s it! 🙂

I Called My Son Saying (Hold on Tight, It’s Going to Be a Delicious Ride: Red Quinoa Takes Center Stage)

Yo! My son comes immediately and I serve his favorite red quinoa to him (Just waiting for his reaction) As he takes the first bite, I question my son (Do you like it?)

The feeling of joy on his face says it all “This is Awesome Mom!” I feel so proud and satisfied that I made these grains in less than 30 minutes. But- wait what are you thinking sitting there? If are you still thinking of making this dish then try it ASAP!

Do you Know Why this Dish Getting Hyped in the World?

Check out the benefits of quinoa as well.

Trust me! This red quinoa is not only easy to make but also full of nutrition and protein which fulfill the needs of your body

Just go and feel grateful that you get this opportunity to make your loved ones happy Hurry Up! 🙂

Final Thoughts

To sum up: I write this recipe for Red quinoa for my lovely ladies so they get a chance to make their families and their loved ones happy with this easy and quick recipe. Do you what’s the best part of this recipe? This dish provides your body with all the essential nutrients that you need in your body. Do you get what I mean to say? Yep! You guess that right! Provides you with protein and fiber that nourish your body 🙂 so, Happy Eating!

I also share the responsibility of my son in my blog, you can check the whole blog, if you really want to know the story of mother and son, in which she immediately fulfills the craving of her son (Who is basically so stubborn as usual, kids are), Make the recipe in less than 30 minutes.

Plus don’t forget to share your side of the story if ever happen to you, then what did you do at that time (Waiting for your reply!)

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Is Red Quinoa Healthy?

Red quinoa is high in protein, fiber, and a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. Also, it contains more antioxidants than other types of quinoa, which may aid heart health. It may enhance the overall nutritional content of a gluten-free diet as a gluten-free pseudocereal.

Is Red Quinoa Better than White Quinoa?

Nutritional Differences Between Red and White Quinoa
When it comes to nutrition, both varieties have comparable nutritional content. Because they include all nine necessary amino acids, they are regarded as ‘complete protein’ meals. Both of these varieties are abundant in magnesium, iron, vitamins E and B, and vitamin B2.

Who Should Avoid Quinoa?

Allergy to grains made from other foods: Quinoa may trigger an allergic reaction in persons who are susceptible to foods for use as grains, such as wheat, wheat, and rice. If you have a sensitivity to grains, consult your doctor before consuming quinoa.

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