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The Best Coconut Rice Instant Pot

by Amna Munir
The Best Coconut Rice Instant Pot

The Coconut Rice Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker with a stainless-steel pot and a detachable insert that is built in America. The process of cooking involves heating food with steam that is produced by pressurizing the pot as it is heated to a high temperature.

The pot incorporates several safety measures, such as an over-pressure release valve, a pressure regulator, and a locking lid. The Instant Pot can cook food under pressure, slowly, steam, sauté, and cook rice. The most well-known feature is probably the rice cooker function because it can quickly and perfectly prepare rice.

Coconut rice is very healthy. Although the coconut milk extracted from the coconut used to prepare the rice has a lot of saturated fat, it is healthier than other items that include saturated fat since the body can readily process it. Additionally, coconut milk has several distinct health advantages.

Along with this, the plant-based coconut smoothie recipe is deliciously refreshing and tastes just like a vegan pina colada. Coconut is a tropical fruit that is an additional crucial ingredient in many cuisines. The sugar, fiber, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that coconut meat and water content can all consume by drinking smoothies.

How to make the Best Instant Pot Coconut Rice?

The Best Coconut Rice Instant Pot

The Instant Pot’s amazing versatility allows you to create a wide variety of dishes. However, coconut rice has to be a favorite of ours. However, it not only tastes fantastic, but it’s also really simple to make.

  • White rice, 1 cup, added to the Instant Pot
  • Wash the rice in water until it is completely clear
  • To the Instant Pot, add 1 cup of coconut milk and 1 cup of water
  • After giving everything a good stir, cover the saucepan
  • Cook for 12 minutes on “manual” in the pot
  • Turn the valve to “venting” to relieve the pressure from the pot once the timer goes off
  • Serve the rice hot after fluffing it with a fork

Along with this, the rice noodle roll recipe is easier to prepare than it might first seem. However, a rice noodle roll is a southern Chinese Cantonese dish. Just make the batter and steam each piece in a thin layer one at a time. Typically, they consume snacks, light lunches, or various varieties of dim sum.

Recipe of Coconut Rice Instant Pot

Prep TimeCook TimeTotal TimeServings
18 Minutes4 Minutes22 Minutes4


  • 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon of cane sugar 
  • 3/4 cup of canned light coconut milk
  • 1 cup jasmine, basmati, or long-grain white rice
  • 3/4 cup of water or coconut water for natural sweetness

For Serving optional

  • Finely minced cilantro
  • Lightly toasted coconut flakes


  • Stir after adding each ingredient to the Instant Pot
  • Four minutes on high pressure it will take about 8-10 minutes for the Instant Pot to pressurize before cooking begins
  • After the timer goes off, wait 10 minutes for the pressure to naturally release before gently releasing any lingering pressure
  • Once all steam has released, carefully remove the lid
  • However, if needed, salt the food to taste
  • This rice is great with soups, curries, bowls, and more! cilantro and coconut flakes that have lightly toast are optional garnishes
  • The leftovers can freeze for up to a month or refrigerate for up to 5-6 days
  • Reheat till warm in the microwave or on the stovetop with some water or oil

Tips and Tricks of Coconut Rice Instant Pot

The Best Coconut Rice Instant Pot

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits of cooking coconut rice in your Instant Pot, let’s discuss some suggestions and techniques for consistently achieving success.

However, to begin with, remember to rinse the rice with cold water before cooking to get rid of any extra starch. Although, a dash of salt and a tablespoon of coconut oil can also use to add flavor.

Pick pre-cooked meats and vegetables when adding them to your Instant Pot to prevent them from slowing down the cooking process. Although, by doing this, you can guarantee that your finished dish will have a uniform texture and flavor.

Along with this, be careful to follow the recipes precisely. Use two cups of water, not one and a half or three, if a recipe calls for that amount. When cooking in an Instant Pot, this fine level of precision is crucial.

Along with this, you might be asking why using an instant pot is preferable to just cooking jasmine rice on the stovetop. Using an instant pot is the best way to prepare jasmine rice. The Instant Pot consistently cooks rice to perfection without ever overcooking or undercooking it.

Benefits of Instant Pot Coconut Rice

The world has gone crazy for the multi-use, programmable pressure cooker known as the Instant Pot. From producing yogurt to cooking rice, it is capable of doing it all. Although there are many Instant Pot recipes available, we wanted to share our favorite Coconut Rice Instant Pot dish with you.

Coconut is a versatile ingredient in the kitchen and goes well with both savory and sweet dishes. For those following low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, or nut-free diets, it’s a fantastic option. Numerous species of bacteria may not grow as quickly in coconut oil, according to certain research conducted on humans and in test tubes.

However, coconut rice is so well-liked because first off, it tastes good. But it also offers a host of health advantages. Magnesium, fiber, and vitamin C are all abundant in coconut rice. Additionally, it contains a lot of lauric acids, which are well known for having antiviral and antibacterial characteristics.

You can drink coconut water if you want to lose weight. Coconut water has few calories and is digestible. However, it is brimming with bio-active enzymes, which are known to promote metabolism and facilitate digestion. The more fat you burn, the greater your metabolic rate is.

Although further research requires, coconut is low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, good fats, and antioxidants, all of which may help to regulate blood sugar levels.

Coconuts have antioxidants called polyphenols that may help shield your cells from cellular deterioration and prevent chronic disease. Therefore, this coconut rice instant pot recipe is the perfect choice if you’re searching for a nutritious, mouthwatering side dish.

The Best Coconut Rice Instant Pot


You can quickly make a lovely, fluffy dish of coconut rice in your Instant Pot with just a few basic ingredients. However, if you are looking for a simple, healthful side dish that will give your meal a taste boost, try this recipe.

The American-made Coconut Rice Instant Saucepan is an electric pressure cooker with a detachable insert and a stainless-steel pot. When food cooks, steam produces by pressurizing the pot while it heats to a high temperature.

The reason coconut rice is so popular is that it tastes nice. But it also has a lot of positive health effects. Coconut rice is rich in magnesium, fiber, and vitamin C. Lauric acids, which are well known for having antiviral and antibacterial properties, are also abundant in it.


What kind of rice should I use?

Any variety of medium- or long-grain white or brown rice may be used. You might need to cook the rice for a bit longer if you use brown rice.

Should the coconut milk and water be combined?

Blend them into a single liquid before adding them to the Instant Pot.

I need how much liquid?

For every cup of uncooked rice, you’ll need 1 3/4 cups of liquid water plus coconut milk.

Do coconuts raise cholesterol levels?

It has been demonstrated that coconut oil raises both good and bad cholesterol levels more than other plant-based oils like olive or canola. And in reality, the majority of the fatty acids in coconut oil are not composed of medium-chain triglycerides. Try other spices and herbs, such as cilantro and basil, as well as flavors like garlic, ginger, and curry powder.

How many carbohydrates are there in a cup of coconut rice?

3.9g of protein, 2.5g of fat, and 112 calories are included in 1 serving of creamy coconut rice, which has 19g of total and 19g of net carbohydrates.

Are coconuts healthy for you?

The coconut palm produces coconuts as a fruit. It is used for its excellent meat, water, milk, and oil. Since more than 4,500 years ago, coconuts have been farmed in tropical areas, but only recently have consumers begun to appreciate their flavor, culinary applications, and potential health advantages.

What is coconut rice?

Rice dishes like coconut rice are common in Southeast Asian, Caribbean, and tropical cuisines like Thai and Malaysian meals. Never allow “rules” to limit you, though. You may use it in whatever you like, and I can guarantee that it is so delicious that you could just eat it purely right out of the pot!

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